Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fast Movers On Station!

The Cold War aerial reinforcements have arrived!

Well after a furious day of painting I finally got these pesky 1/144 models knocked out, along with the class of 2016 "Team Yankee" (for the most part, absent 1 tank platoon and 2 specialist sections).

Frogfoot Three Zero on station!

This is Three One!  Enemy tanks spotted!

 Next up my only A-10 (other one is in the mail from the UK).  Call Sign "Snowman"


Even my wife liked this picture!  I think it looks like the sun is hitting the canopy.

I had to clean up the camo by going over the grey with pewter grey.  It turned out respectably I think.


 Finally the Class of 2016.  My first batch for my Team Yankee force.  This is 1 M1 platoon, 2 Mech platoons.  My second Abrams platoon is being built now, along with the ITV and VADS ADA section.  That brings me up to a solid 88 points.  Most of these guys were completed during yesterday's snowstorm.

You'll note that one platoon of M113s looks darker than the other.  That's because one has a wash on it and the other doesn't.  I didn't like how it was darkening the drab to the point where it looked like it wasn't even there.

The next M1 platoon will likely be in just forest green.

I guess this humble Fitter will be a stand in until the second A-10 arrives!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very impressive collections of toys!

    1. Thank you Rodney! Can't wait to get them all on the table! It's gonna be great!

  2. Great stuff- love the Frogfoots.



    1. Thanks Pete! Glad you like them. I'm basically glad they're OVER! The Academy kit was very finicky...The Battlefront is much easier from what I've seen.

  3. Great looking force! Now comes the question...Where do you go next? Germans? Brits?

    1. Thanks buddy. I've already got all the Germans (sans Leo II's - I have Leo I's) from that Roskopf buy so I'll do West Germans.
      My US are almost done and then I have to complete my Soviets properly before moving onto another country.

      That said, I've got some 1/144 Luftwaffe F4s and F104s! Tempting!

  4. Top notch Steven. Really very nice!

    Good use of snow storm time!

  5. LOVE that A10 - I can hear the cannon brrrrping off the screen!
    Like that MERDC variant too. Looks excellent on those M1s.

    1. Thank you and stay tuned, Darren. Larger Team Yankee game coming up on Sunday. This one will be big with plenty of tanks, troops, APCs, ATGMs, Arty, planes, and ADA! The works!