Friday, February 26, 2016

Eureka! 15mm Multi Cam Code Cracked (and even if not, I've had it!)

I have gotten my multi cam brushwork to an "acceptable" point for my collection.

"What might that be?" you ask?

Well, my goal was that if one was to look at these guys, you're first thought would be "they are obviously US troops probably serving in a combat zone."  I think each time I painted them, it got a little better but I think I've figured out the secret to getting small soldiers to look like they're wearing multi-cam - bascially layering very, very small khaki squiggles "atop" of the dark brown squiggles.  

While on the actual uniform, the squiggles, both black and light tank, are offset slightly, to get the same effect on 15mm troopers, they have to be layered or the viewer (or fellow gamer) loses the effect.

 So the first batch of pictures you can see the layering of the brighter khaki "squiggles" over the dark brown "squiggles."  The effect is instantly noticeable:

by layering, it also brings out the background colors more

 Here was the second batch.  Not bad.  Colors were good but the khaki wasn't necessarily layered over the dark brown.  They look okay, but it almost looks like DPM on some of them, and not Multi Cam.

The addition of some blobs and dots helps, but no cigar.
 And the original.  This guy has all the legitimate colors, as defined by multiple blogs I was able to glean.  But the colors are not arranged in any way that would make you think you were looking at Multi Cam.  He could be wearing woodland camo for all the gamer knows.

So that's it.  For my Multi Cam I use the following colors:

GW Deathworld Forest as a base.
Folk Art Ivy Green or VJ Luftwaffe Green blobs
AB brown oxide blobs near the green blobs

VJ German Camo dark brown thin squiggles.
AP Khaki thinner squiggles and lines atop the dark brown thin squiggles


  1. Agreed. The first set of figs look closest the part for OCP (Scorpion). It is slightly more on the green side than multicam which is slightly more light brown. One thing I have noticed is that they both don't hold color very well with multicam being absolutely awful at it since it is printed on the fire retardant fabric (FRACU).

    1. The overall goal I realized was not to achieve a specific "look" with the camo scheme, but rather for someone to pick up the figure and say "that's a US Soldier" if that makes any sense. That's the feeling I was looking for.

      It figures this is the one that looked the best because it takes me really, really long time to do!

  2. I think you nailed it. The final version is really good.

    1. Thanks Irishserb - appreciate it. I am going to keep getting these guys out until I have a full platoon for a skirmish game or 2.

  3. These look really good mate.
    I've been afraid to tackle newer camo schemes - so thanks for the guide. Will prove very useful.

    1. Thanks Darren. There's been a lot of trial and error. My Eastern Front German Helmet Covers, SS Camo, US Woodland have all gone through multiple iterations until I got it right.

      It's all about tricking the eyes as opposed to getting the pattern perfectly right.

      Next up? British WW2 airborne smocks!!! :)

  4. Top notch Steven. You nailed it man!