Sunday, August 7, 2016

Black Brunswick Brigade for Quatre Bras 10mm

Long time since my last post but here's a quick broadcast to let you all know we're alive and kicking here at SOC.

I finished the Brunswick contingent at Quatre Bras per the "Albion Triumphant" rules supplement for Black Powder.  Commanded by the Duke of Brunswick (SR7), the Black Brunswickers, or Wellington's "Hearse" consist of 4 infantry battalions, 2 light and 2 line, and a Hussar Regiment.  There is also a small Uhlan Regiment but they will have "stunt doubles" consisting of Polish Lancers I picked up at Historicon.  (for shame!!!).

The Duke of Brunswick leading his Brigade along - photo taken by Countess Leonor
These guys were wicked easy to complete, all being British that I painted black, along with their cuffs, headgear, weapon, and exposed skin.  I really didn't have to do much else!  The Hussars were a little more tricky but not a huge lift in terms of effort.

BTW - pics taken with my wife's i-Phone since I was too lazy to go upstairs to get my phone or camera.... 

 The light washed out alot of detail but maybe that's a good thing given my crappy paint job.  Still though, even despite a bad paint job, the 10mm massed look is still pleasing to the eye IMHO.

Brunswick Hussars.  
 Here's a quick question - how do you all rectify half-sized units for Black Powder?  That is, my units are all 3 stands for this battle, instead of my usual 6.  So how should I change the size of the Battlefield?  THe scenario calls for a 6 x 4 foot battlefield.  I'll be using centimeters for measuring, but besides that, I can't think of anything else that should change.  Or should it???

Infantry Line Battalion

More Infantry

Anyways, that's it.  10mm Dutch-Belgians and Dutch Jagers coming up soon.  Stay tuned!  Hoping to have a practice fight sometime this week.  Huzzah!

PS Here's some footage of yours truly talking to a fellow gamer in the flea market area at Historicon.  I ended up buying LOTS of his beautiful 10mm French Cavalry and next convention I see him at - I will head straight over and buy more provided the wife lets me :)  Thanks Rob!  Your blog is now posted on my honor roll along the side!

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  1. I think the change to centimetres should be enough, but out of interest, BP has unit frontages of around 240mm (say 9") and smooth bore musket has a range of 18", so musket range is double the distance of unit frontage - how does that compare with your 3 stand frontage and a conversion to centimetres.

    1. Norm,
      Thats something i'd like to reconcile. Previously i was using 6 stand units thats were 150mm wide. I cinverted to centimeters and that worked very well. Im thinking for smaller 3 stand units ill halve all distances although movement will be at a crawl.

  2. Hey there, Steven, and so nice of you to add me to your Honor Roll...I'm flattered! I absolutely LOVE the Brunswickers! I've got the figures in 15mm, and can't wait to paint the Brunswick contingent for my expanding 15mm collection. Honestly, I do prefer 10s for the look of large armies on the table but it just didn't work out for me to keep that scale.

    As for playing Black Powder...we play it in 15mm and use 2/3s measurements. I think with 10s you could either go 1/2 the 25mm measurements or go with centimeters. Bases per units: that's the nice thing about can use whatever you want as long as the two sides are consistent. You just decide what the average size will be, then if you have large or small units you can adjust accordingly. My 15s are based for Napoleons Battles, so several of us use those when we play; another friend has his figures based for the old Empire rules, so he puts both armies when we play at his house. In the end, it's all up to what you want to do.

    It was very nice meeting you, and I'll be keeping in touch via our blogs. Game on, my friend, and I'll see you next Historicon!

    1. No problem Rob, you have a great blog! Im glad you liked the Brunswickers. I have their Dutch Belgian cousins next to finish and that should do it for my Quatre Bras force.

      Yes im going to go with all movement and distances in centimeters for the game. It scakes nicely with the scenario too I think.

      I have Napoleons Battles but have not yet played it. All of my 15mm Naps are based on 1" square bases that i had previously used for age of eagles.

      Likewise it was very nice meeting you as well! I look forward to talking with you or perhaps even gaming sometime in the near future! Until then i will be following your blog!

  3. They look very, very nice. What did Wellington call them? "A great, moving hearse" or something like that?

    1. Thanks John yes he called it a hearse lol. I think i stayed true to the original. Their quality is "unreliable" lol but i still want to get them on the field soon.

  4. Great finish on these guys - look really good. The bases make them look very epic. Will be good to see the armies en masse with the full BP game.

    1. Cheers Darren. Finishing up the Dutch Belgians today, flocking them all, and the battle commences tomorrow at noon EDT!