Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dutch Belgians for Quatre Bras 10mm

Work continues on my Quatre Bras 10mm project!  Bylandt's Brigade are the last of the units I'll have to complete before I can flock everyone and set up the table.

Once again, these are substitute troops.  I used British troops but painted their coats blue to substitute for Belgian and Dutch line and militia.  Again, units are 3 total stands.  Oh for the Dutch Jagers I used French voltiguers but with some modifications...

still 2 battalions left to be painted as militia

GHQ British figures, with the correct shakos!  More Belgian line.

Dutch Jager Battalion in an open order

And on the field

The whole French force!  Lots of infantry and cavalry!  They will be flocked by tomorrow
  I love the look of 10mm massed troops on the table.

Highlanders.  "Are these Amazons all Wellington has to offer me?"

small battalion


  1. Nice I recently finished three armies for the War of the Pacific 1879-84 in 10mm. Really like the scale. I also have armies for The Anglo Egyptian War 1882 and Russo Turkish 1877. I actually gloss my figures like old style Britains with Matt basing.

    1. Simon,
      Thanks for commenting Simon. 10mm is a great scale. Where else could you paint up 3 battalions for Black Powder in a single afternoon?

      I will have to check your blog out. Your figures sound neat!

    2. I do not have a blog, but am thinking of starting one :-)
      I tend to paint a unit in a day with basing. That's 16 infantry figures etc. I use Neil Thomas One Hour Wargames or 19th Century rules.

    3. Simon you definitely should. It's a great way for hobbyists to connect and inspire each other!
      I have played both of those rules and enjoy them very much. the Neil Thomas "Intro to Wargaming" rules are my favorite.

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  2. The 92nd will advance!

    It was great seeing them in person earlier this week. I hope we get to game with them come next year. (Preferably an anniversary game in June!) ;-)

    1. Yes a great time! too quick though! We can definitely play an anniversary game for QB. I'll let you know how today's game plays!

  3. Great looking minis, very impressive!