Friday, August 19, 2016

WW2 German Crossfire Platoon, Brick Dust Basing & Practice Austrians!

A little bit of progress this week as I wrapped up another German platoon for CROSSFIRE.  These landsers have a little bit of that "urban nightmare" look to them as I used pieces from a smashed brick to use as fallen masonry chunks.  I also used Dave's pumice ground coating that he supplied to me as a Christmas gift.

I think I'm getting a little burned out on Napoleonics lately.  Probably ready to switch back to WWII and Modern gaming.  (Darren - maybe I'll dust off BATTLE).
All grey base material "urban nightmare" test squad #1
 The first base is kind of "meh" as you don't really need brick dust or special fancy pumice to make it but it still achieves a good look.  If I ever get around to that post-apocalyptic project I'll definitely make them all look like this first base (Alex - there is a Post-Apoc version of No End in Sight!)

Command stand with painted brick pieces
 The Platoon Leader stand is just brick and definitely needs jazzed up.
My favorite unit the LMG crew in "march order".  I used a bunch more brick dust on the outer part of the inner, painted brick dust for a really neat look.  I put a heavy black wash on everything, then dry brushed it white for that pulverized concrete look.
 Now the team walking through the ruins looks REALLY cool.  Have I ever mentioned that, besides painting drums on French Naps, basing is one of my most favorite aspects of the hobby?  Ithink a few wooden pieces representing rafters or flooring would really be "the cat's whiskers."

 Fighting here would hurt your knees.
Very photo-genic these fellas

And the 3rd Squad firing.  Also an LMG team for Battlegroup.

Healthy mixture of brick pieces and Dave's pumic ground cover.

practice Austrians 10mm

Practice Austrians next to Brits painted as practice Austrians!  (Austrians with Shakos)


  1. Love the basing mate - looks great!

    1. Thanks, Paul. The smashed brick is turning out to be really versatile!

  2. Bases are fantastic looking mate - and yes, my knees were sore just looking at them LOL

    Perhaps, in combination with Battle, you should pull out 'The Last Hundred Yards' and dust everything off, playtest 'em , and get them published by Osprey.
    From what I have seen with TLHY, in combination with the Battle armour rules, it would be a nice merger between classic and new wave rules.

    1. Thank you Darren! Couldn't imagine fighting in all that rubble lol.

      Yes I was thinking of taking a fresh look at those company level rules I was mulling over last year. I'm getting too burned out on Napoleonics as of late!

  3. nice work mate, you must have good eyesight :)

    1. Thanks Al, I'm gonna use them while I still got em!

  4. Excellent work Steven. Al is darned right about the eyesight!

    well done on all of these.

  5. The bases look super! (Glad to see the pumice getting some use too.) The brick dust scales perfectly for the rubble.

    Here's hoping that the Landsers you have based up don't do as poorly as their prototypes in the real Stalingrad! ;-P