Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Cat...Command Decision's Panther A

Gamers around the world can say what they want about Battlefront, which I like alot, but my all time favorite cast tank models are Command Decision.

Here in all its glory is the German Panther Tank!  I sprayed her undercoat awhile back and kind of forgot about her.  So I figured I'd try around with coating some camo on her and then light detailing.  I have to say she turned out nicely for my 15mm Wargaming adventures.  And they give you 3 per pack so she has a brood of Panthers to go hunting with her...
After a light dry brushing and applique decals

The dry brushing brings out the magnificent detail on this vehicle.

The track is GW's Boltgun metal with a rust wash

I think the TC is a battlefront mini.

I used tinfoil to make the green camo lines.  Next time they will be skinnier and more plentiful on the tank.

TC and the cheap decals from a Point of Contact miniatures set I received for my Birthday

business end.

Bumper sticker reads: "If you can see this end, then you've been blitzkrieged!" or "My other car is a Bug"


  1. Very cool, what is the foil method you used? Post up a tutorial or some reference material, I would love to read it.

  2. THanks, Styx. I will post up a tutorial sometime soon. That's an excellent idea. To be honest, the whole process was really, really simple.

    1. Spray paint the entire thing Testor's Afrika Mustard or Flames of War "German Armour Yellow"

    2. Put tin foil strips over where you'd like the yellow camo lines to be. (I like tin foil because it conforms nicely to the shape and is cheap

    3. Spray testor's medium green

    4. Apply Rust-colored flecks or shapes uniformly across the body

    5. Paint tracks / Wash tracks rust

    6. Dry-brush white.

    7. Apply decals!