Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disposable Heroes Sci Fi: Blood Pact Infantry!

In the spirit of good cooperation I decided to purchase Wargames Factory's terrific "Greatcoated Shock Troops" as part of my birthday extravaganza purchase.  These troops sport "fritz" German WWII styled helmets with crude 40k styled body armor and laser type weapons.  I thought they looked perfectly "grim" and "nightmarish" ...exactly what the 41st millennium reads like if you follow the GW story-line or read Dan Abnett.  Here is their description from "the Lexicanum":

The Blood Pact is a highly organized Chaos warrior-cult devoted to Khorne.
Unlike many Chaos cultist warbands, the Pact fights as a disciplined army, and this is what makes them so effective compared to the disorganized Chaotic masses. Consisting of highly trained, vicious soldiers and alien mercenaries, the soldiers of the Blood Pact know no fear or hesitation. They have overrun entire worlds and caused the people of the Imperium no small amount of suffering and woe.

These troops are painted up as Blood Pact - a unit of chaos cultists who are actually decent troops and certainly have the law of numbers on their side.  I will play them with the terrific Iron Ivan "Disposable Heroes" rules, using a 41st Millennium supplement I made myself.  If anyone wants to see it, I can provide a link to my Google Documents page where it "lives" now.  I have rules and stats for Guard, Space Marines, Orcs, and Blood Pact troopers.

The unit below is a squad but is more like 3 fireteams right now.  Each team has 1 support weapon.  I am currently repainting all of my guardsmen and will post them soon.  After that, get ready for some Sci-Fi Disposable Heroes action!  Orcs and all...  Huzzah!
modified las-rifles, greatcoats and crude armor.  These guys are blood pact all the way!

Light Stubber - He got this helmet off of a dead Imperial Guardsman...

The famous masks the Blood Pact wear...

The dry brushed red turned out very nicely over these guys

Blood Pact Officer...

Flamer - one of my support weapons.  This bad boy has a -3 morale modifier in Disposable Heroes...

run the other direction when you see these guys.

"borrowed" kit from GW's Cadian troopers.

I think they turned out pretty neat


  1. I recently bought these too with the view to potentially combining them as Guard allied with a Dark Angels unit.

    1. Stuart,
      They definitely have that worn, Guard look to them. I think they would fit in perfectly as Armageddon militia or Guard Siege troops. Either way, the Imperial Guard 40k kit fits nicely with them as you can see.

  2. Very cool! A guy local here took those figures and added IG arms and some other bits to make them closer to the Krieg Troopers.

    1. Thanks Styx - they are definitely Krieg looking. You could technically add some German kit from a Tamiya German Infantry kit and they'd look even more authentic!

  3. Replies
    1. John,
      Have you ever read any of the "Gaunt's Ghosts" stories from the Black Library?? These guys are inspired by those troopers from the Black Library stories. All that's missing are some stalk tanks and maybe some captured armor.

  4. Nice! I like the shocktroopers, now with HW and such available I'd love to see an army of them across the table!

    1. Taurus,
      I have some in the mail coming soon! Then they'll be able to deal better with pesky Guard armor...