Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Butler's Printed Models: The Unboxing!

1 of 2 highly anticipated gaming packages arms shipments has arrived at SOC Headquarters this week.  First up was my order from Butler's Printed Models in the UK.  I first learned of BPM via facebook (AKA a necessary evil) but have not actually known anyone in the continental US who has purchased from them.

This deceivingly small box contained ALOT of combat power!
 I was very impressed at the efficiency of the packaging and the manner in which the models fit into the tiny box.  Granted they're still on the sprues with lots of flash, but it's an impressive feat none-the-less.

So my order contained 8 x BMP-2 IFVs, 8 T-64 MBTs, and 2 T-55AM2s.  With all the hoopla over Volks Armee, the T-55 is up first (and yes, I will be fielding an NVA Army.  You heard it here first!)

First of all let me say that I bought a 3D printed terrain bit for EPIC 40k a long time ago and it was flimsy, and generally crappy.  My fear was that these models would be the same way.  NOT SO.  There is considerable "heft" to them off the bat for a printed model.  Granted, the main guns will most likely not survive a 4' drop so be careful, but still, they not not flimsy models at all.

T-55 AM2 with Soviet infantry next to it for scale.  All are 1/100

Nice detail and crisp lines.  
 Overall verdict for the T-55?  I will buy more of them.  Even though I have a shed-load of Rosktopf T-55s, perhaps I will have enough for both Arab armies and Pact armies?

Love this tank!
Next up are the BMP2s which seem as if they are perfectly scaled next to their Battlefront cousins.  I am SUPER pleased with the quality of the BMP2s.  They won't look right sitting next to my quality castings models but they don't have to be in the same unit I suppose.

What the flash looks like.  I have my work cut out for me!

All of the models came with 1 vehicle that was cut off the sprues, I'm assuming so as to show me what the completed product is supposed to look like.

in the packaging.  they are all stuck together.

Okay and naturally I saved the best for last.  The T-64.  This is a beautiful model and looks great on the table.  I cannot wait to paint these up.  Not sure how they will look next to my T-80s from quality casting but they had better be prepared to do "double duty" on the tabletop.

I suppose this means I'll be buying the Soviet Army book for Team Yankee when it comes out??

I love this tank!

More T-55AM2 goodness

T-64 and T-55 for comparison
So that's it.  I'm very impressed with the quality of these models and I'm very happy with my purchase.

While not very cost effective due to shipping (14 Pounds!), the current pound-dollar exchange rate is what drove me to purchase these.  I'd been waiting for the right opportunity and figured i'd jump at the chance to finally buy.  There are some great WWII and Post War models on the BPM site as well and I urge you to check them out.

Next package is a set of Crescent Root European buildings!  Watch This Space!

And after these 2 purchases, I'm pretty much tapped out for the quarter...Besides, I've got loads of painting to do anyways.

Speaking of which, can I paint these babies with a rattle can?  Or will they melt?


  1. Blast the unused sprues with spray paint first, man!

    Nice pickups.

    1. Ski what a great idea. I wish id thought of it lol. Going to do that now.

  2. How much were they without shipping, just curious. It seems like the hard plastic items are also dirt cheap.

    I have some plastic that's going to be unveiled soon, so you'll be seeing it!

    1. 3 and 4 GBP for the IFV and the tanks respectively. Not too bad.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Plastic Soldier Company's T-55's are available for pre order. Since these will surely be stocked by US retailers that will likely be a cheaper way to go than BPM.

  3. how fragile are the gun barrels?

    1. Hi Mike,
      So ive just torn the extra flash off 4 vehivkes and i havent broken one yet. Not to say theyre not fragile, but theyre not as flimsy as i thought and the flash breaks off very easily.

      That said i am not sure the gun barrels would survive a 4 foot drop from the table however the model would.

  4. Those are fantastic!
    The irony is that I have a 3D printer sitting here, which can also scan, which I sort of acquired from a company closing down about 3 years ago. I really need to get it working, now that I have seen that quality! Can't wait to see these in action Steve.

    1. What are you waiting for then Darren?!?! Id much rather fork over my money to you than someone i dont know! Im painting up the first t64 bmp2 and t55 now.

    2. Yeah, Duc, I want in on this action too! ;)

      The vehicles look great Steve, particularly like the T-64.


    3. Jack they look even better painted, more to follow so watch this space! Im really liking these models.