Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 Gaming/Hobby Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.  I thought I'd post a New Year's resolution post to supplement my recent "year in review" post.

I'd like to move forward with projects this year, game more, paint more, and basically go about things smarter than in the past.  With that in mind, here are some gaming resolutions for the upcoming year:

Sell 1/4 of Excess Hobby Stuff.  If you're a GW gamer, then you're in serious luck here.  I've got unpainted, unpunched, still-in-the-plastic mint 40k stuff bursting at the seams in my attic.  Going to sell it off this year, either on TMP, Ebay, or at a convention.  All that cha-ching $$$ goes right back into the hobby.  (also a ton of WWII 1/72 scale stuff I gotta sell off...)

Paint All My 15mm Soviets.  You read that right.  Wait, modern or WWII?  All of them.  Vehicles, Troops, Trucks,  Planes.  Everything.  God Help Me.  Every last T-72, T-34, and SU.

Better Storage Options.  Right not it's damn inexcusable how I store some of my stuff and my nicely painted troopers are suffering from it.  I love the idea of using display shelves for my 15mm, or even more sterilite plastic drawers.  One thing is for certain, the rubbermaid trays need to go.

Better Terrain.  I need to continue to "up my game" in terms of terrain.  Whether it's plowed fields, orchards, graveyards, or other cool things to add, my battlefields are kind of "meh" and could use some freshening up.  I need to build more hedgerows, urban areas, bridges, rivers, culverts, and dug in markers.  Yes, I need more terrain.

Buildings.  The wife allowed me to "bank" my allowance and I'm saving it for a huge building buying binge.  I'm thinking Crecscent Root buildings will deliver the European structures I need at the price I like.  Coupled with the 4Ground Buildings I already have, I believe that will sufficiently answer the mail for 20th century buildings.

World War II Rules Dilemma.  This is a tough one and one that will continue to plague me as we go forward into 2017.  Just like the Horse & Musket rules dilemma, I'm having a hard time deciding what my "go to" WWII rules are, and just like the Horse & Musket rules dilemma, this one will take copious amounts of mental anguish to solve.  But we'll get there!  We always do!

Anyways that's it.  I think these are fairly measurable, realistic, and achievable based on their scope.  What are your 2017 Gaming Resolutions?


  1. Great post (and it's every gamer's duty to be rid of their GW stuff...wait, did I say that? ;) )

    I eagerly await the resolution to your WWII dilemma, and thinking that you should resurrect 'The Last Hundred Yards'

    1. Thanks Darren. Yes, I'm still thinking about getting rid of it. Need to put those thoughts into action!

      The WWII dilemma will take center stage soon! Stay tuned.

  2. Happy New Year Steve

    Isn't it amazing how much time we spend lavishing attention on our minis only to plonk them on tired or second rate terrain? We all do it, but its fun to redo it as a collective and I think you'll find it quite cathartic as a diversion. Its also rather economical these days of you shop around a bit too.

    For your rules dilemma, I dont think there is one true rules set. I currently use Battlegroup for 15mm and both Bolt Action and Chain of Command in 28mm - because they give me different experience sea need different amount of time to play. (PS - Battlegroup Tobruk is coming out this year!)

    I've yet to really think hard about my resolutions but they are basically keep playing regularly and enjoying the current painting challenge. Add to that, I will be painting you up a nice First Aid base for you to help support all your 15mm Rookies in their Great Patriotic War!

    All the best for 2017 mate,

    1. Happy New Year, Paul and it's good to hear from you. Yes, I really need to pay more attention to my terrain. I believe that's part of the fun and satisfaction from this hobby is feasting our eyes on a beautiful table with nice buildings, foliage, etc.

      You're quite right, there is no Holy Grail out there in terms of rules. I love Battlegroup and they are one of my absolute favorite set of rules. They are quite involved however in the amount of time to get a game ready and I always feel as if I've missed a special rule here or there. I guess what I'm thinking is that Battlegroup needs a substantial amount of preparatory time before getting in a game.

      One of my biggest limitations is actually time - so the search for a rules set I like has the time crunch at the very forefront of the search. Bolt Action is a great set and I tend to play it in 15mm.

      Looking forward to seeing that first aid base! My Ivans have been treated so roughly by the Germans this past year that they need all the help they can get!

  3. WW2 rules dilemma? At least you can console yourself that you belong to a very large club :-)

    And terrain is ongoing with me too. I just bought a bunch of second hand buildings, but dream of the day that I can lash out and buy a lot of much better buildings.

    All the best on your 2017 resolutions!

    1. That actually does bring me some comfort, Shaun, thank you :)

      As I said above, I think terrain is so very important and in certain scales actually becomes more important to how the games are fought. I hope to be really producing some nice terrain this year in support of some of my tabletop campaigns.

  4. Interesting and happy new year. What sort of WWII 1/72 scale stuff are you looking to move on?

    Cheers, Dave

    1. Hi Dave,
      Plenty. Model kits, and figures. Various brands. Id be happy to provide you a list tomorrow sometime. What is your email address?

    2. Hi Steven. Yes, please drop me a line at woodyzinbox at gmail dot com

      Cheers, Dave