Sunday, March 11, 2012

HaT French Battalion (Brigade...)

Finally have some Nappies ready.  The original intent was to base these guys 3 to a base on 1 inch square bases.  Unfortunately I hit a snag and was forced to base them on larger bases.  This produced 2 circumstances that were not originally forseen:

1. I had to double the amount of troops that went into a unit.
2. The unit, when assembled, looks alot bigger and better.

So not all bad.  Also, they can stand on their own as Napoleonic Brigades for Volley & Bayonet.  Additionally, 3 stand units comprise a Shako Battalion.  Still though, my original plans were to use them for Age of Eagles, which I fully intend on doing.  Starting a British Brigade next.  Huzzah!

The Battalion is assembled!

I am particularly fond of the drummer.  I think he turned out pretty well

Marching to war!

Rear shot

here they come!

Different angle.