Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Channeling Anzio...WWII Battle in Italy

Sorry for my lacking terrain but otherwise had an enjoyable game fighting over a pass with dug-in American troops facing off against a German assault gun company, panzer III light company, and a veteran infantry company on foot.  THis was also the first time I used my Sdfz 251/9 halftrack in a support role and it did not disappoint!

Great opportunity for me to use my snazzy new German FO stand!
 This game could have gone either way.  I diced for forces too and I'm not going to lie, I rolled 2 German Armor companies and that had me worried.  How was I going to assault dug in US infantry with not much infantry support of my own?

German FO smoke mission masks the Stug-III moving up through the valley

US Mech company dug in waiting for Gerry.  The objective is behind them.

German light armor company taking full advantage of the small "mountain" pass that was only able to fit 1 tank through at a time.

US tank destroyers have it covered.  Or so I thought.  It took a turn to get the wrecks moved out of the way, and this company was on the move again.
 I moved the German light armor through a mountain pass, only to have them ambushed by US tank destroyers.  The TD's didn't disappoint, knocking out the first tank they came in contact with.  Unfortunately, shrewed use of the initiative ensured the remaining German armor eventually KO'd both of the tank destroyers, opening the US right flank up.  Not a good position for the defender!
meanwhile, German infantry in full view of the hill to their front advance to the farm.

German troops reach the farm and can start making out the US positions on the hill beyond the farm!

US Armor creeps up Gerry's flank.  

The assault on the hill begins!  The 251/9 is behind them.  In this game, they are terrific in close assaults, with the "stummel" providing a firefight hit on 3+.  The infantry guns are a must-have!
 By now, German light armor is threatening the US rear, forcing them to divert units from the line to redeploy and deal with the German tanks.  The assault guns are assisting the infantry by creeping up with them.  they trade shots with the American armor losing some sections but still passing their morale.

German armor swarms the objective!

meanwhile the German infantry assault on the hill is a success.  They lose 1 stand in exchange for a US tank destroyer, infantry stand, and halftrack.  They pass their breakpoint morale check and continue the advance! 
this was a good game.  The US player eventually lost his overall force morale check due to the elimination of 2 / 3 of his combat teams.  The German player never lost an entire team for the whole game and i think I know the reason for this.  The Germans made good use of Artillery and suppressive fire during their assaults.  Their assaults were determined and slow.  The fact that the US player couldnt get his artillery to arrive, and could not get his tank company on the move faster probably didn't hurt.  This was one battle where the US player, the Allied player, actually had better tanks but unfortunately they couldn't activate or actually get to use them so the German player, "got there fastest with the mostest."

For my next WW2 scenario, I'd like to play some battles from the Panzerblitz and Panzerleader scenario boxes.  Hopefully I can get my desert board finished but that is a long way off.

I may take some time off from WW2 and Modern battles projects to focus on some other projects I'd like to play, like my AWI-black powder conversion project, Axis and Allies Naval / Victory at Sea projects, WW2 air to air, and perhaps even Epic Space Marine and 15mm Ancients.  These are all projects that have been sitting on the back-burner for a long time while I forged ahead with my 15mm WW2 stuff.


  1. Time off moderns!

    Blasphemy Steven...Blasphemy.

    1. Paul, you are correct. I'm saivng up all my energy to start my WW2 Brits!!! Firefly Shermans, Bren Carriers, and tons more Shermans! It will be worth the wait, I promise.