Saturday, May 3, 2014

WWII Re-enactment, Horsham, PA 5/3/14

Attended the annual  PA WWII Military Weekend in Horsham, PA.  My father and I attend this small event every year.  The event showcases numerous World War II re-enacting units who camp out at the spot, create fighting positions (dig in) and there is a small pitched battle at the end of the day.  They also have events for spouses as well and this year I noted a large increase in women dressed like they were in the 1940s.  There were small-arms weapon demonstrations and I got to talk to some really knowledgeable guys (reenactors usually are...) about German uniforms, camouflage, and field craft.

Germans firing a PPSH.

MG-42 demonstration!  My favorite!

Woman drinking a ginger ale...  And the Paras!

neat picture

GMC truck


57mm AT Gun

57mm AT Gun at "1:1 Scale" ha ha

US fighting positions before the "battle" this was supposed to represent a US unit defending a hedgerow near St Lo.

This "Major" was announcing!  Before he was drowned out by automatic weapons fire.

German smoke rounds start falling.

Germans coming from this way.  If you look close enough you can see a Landser...

US counter attacking!  

Germans win this one.  (Last year the US took the field.  My Dad noted that last year "there was alot more hand to hand"

Dragging off the wounded. 
A fun day and well worth the 12 hours of leave I used for it!  I'll try and hood-wink Dave into going next year in his World War II impression!

On the painting front, I've broken out my SYW Austrians and have been painting Infantry Regiment 1 "Der Kaiser" up.  I'm about 30% done with them and progress is sloooow.  Pictures soon!


  1. Ah, re-enactors! Always look too well fed compared to the real thing! ;)

    1. What did the former Rebel Soldiers say at the Gettysburg reunion at the 1930s? They couldn't reproduce the Rebel yell because they had food in their bellies, a full night's sleep and no teeth!