Sunday, May 4, 2014

SYW Austrian WIP: The Summer of Horse & Musket!

Thought I would present some of my progress on the painting front as of late.  I've been trying to get some work done on 8 figures, or 2 stands per night.  While actually finishing 2 stands is a long-shot, I've been able to get some progress on these Seven Years War Austrians and supplemental 24th Foot AWI British by painting a few things a night before I go to bed.

The Austrians are 15mm Old Glory and are being painted and based for Black Powder and my first Regiment, IR-1 "Der Kaiser" will be my first SYW Regiment of the "Summer of Horse & Musket!"

So far I'm pleased with how they're turning out.  And considering I have tons and tons more Regiments to paint, I can't complain at the progress so far.
The assembly line!


Unpainted misfits...

AWI British....24th Foot Supplementals from my Battle of Hubbardton units.  

My original Battle of Hubbardton troops.  They will be rebased on 30mm square bases for Black Powder.  Hence my need to paint 8 more troopers!  

The Regiment assembled!

These are probably the nicest Old Glory sculpts I've seen.  The detail is wonderful and they are, for the most part, anatomically correct.

Kit.  Remember this is not finished!  I still have many details to paint on, and add shading to the kit and musket stock.

I like the looks on their faces.  I doubt very much they looked like this going into action at Lobositz!!  These are more apt for a parade than a battle.

the new bases prior to prep and painting

surprise!  I found these 6mm painted Adler figs laying around.  Adorable!

More to follow as I finish the Regiment up!  Huzzah!


  1. I'd say they're coming along nicely.
    I like the very dynamic fell of the Austrians.

    1. Thanks, Ben! The Prussians are also very dynamic looking too. I like these sculpts best of any of the Old Glory 15mm guys.