Tuesday, May 13, 2014

15mm Napoleonic WIP

So I finally figured out why I was so dissatisfied with my previous attempts at 15mm Naps.  Originally I painted them the light blue you see here over black, which never looked quite right.  Then I found a great dark blue that matched many of the paintings of the Napoleonic Wars I've seen.

The trick was to coat the coats in the dark blue, then add a light coat of the lighter blue so the dark blue remains in the recesses.  This trick helped immensely and I'm ready to move forward with my 15mm Naps.  The 20mm were good practice!
1 stand per night.  6 nights to paint a battalion.


My favorite stand.  They're not the best Naps out there, but they're not bad either.

The rest of the battalion

Surprise!  Sneak preview of the next unit up!  Prussian IR 1 "Anhalt"
"The summer of Horse & Musket" is kicking off!


  1. Are those figures from Old Glory?

    1. John,
      Yes they are Old Glory I purchased in 2006. I have finally gotten around to starting to paint them. I really like the sculpts.

    2. I like those figs as well. I've got plenty in my collection.

    3. John,
      Most of my Horse and Musket guys are Old Glory, Musket, or a few minifig units. I don't have the "fancy" stuff (AB, Essex, Blue Moon, etc)

  2. They look nice. Vive la France!

    1. Thanks, Ken. My first real foray into 15mm Napoleonics. I'm OK with them. It's breaking my heart starting from scratch looking over at my 20mm guys but you were right, the 15s do paint up faster I'm noticing.