Monday, May 12, 2014

1/87 Acquisitions...CHEAP West Germans and Cold War Sovs

So I was on the train headed into work at "zero dark thirty"  and noticed an innocent looking email from my favorite 1/87 scale "dealer."  They received a huge lot of Roskopf and Eko used kits in....and the price is absolutely unbelievable (2 bucks a kit!!!)

Let's just say my Cold War vehicle acquisitions are almost complete.  West Germans are now finished, and I was able to round out my Cold War Pact allies and Arab forces all for under 20 bucks!  (not counting shipping, of course). 

If you have the time, you should head over to Fidelis models before they're all gone.

That is all, Cold War and modeling junkies.  Tune in this week as we unveil our first Seven Years War 15mm Austrian Regiment "IR1, Der Kaiser" and unveil our 15mm Napoleonic French Battalion progress. 

The summer of Horse & Musket (& Cold War!) continues!


  1. If only I collect 1/87 scale...
    Seriously good deal; I look forward to seeing the painted versions :D

    1. Ben,
      If you do any moderns in 15mm it's not bad. My Petner Panzers look OK as long as they're not in the same unit with the 1/100 tanks. But across the board they do OK.

      Some vehicles go better than others I'm afraid. I may have inadvertently "jumped scale" into 1/87 but at least I'll have West German and Soviets!!! That's a game right there!

  2. You lucky lucky lucky £$%&*@^) !!!!

    Great scores Steven.

    Keep us updated mate.

    Lucky &"^&))!!!

    1. Paul,
      It would have been a sin to not purchase some reinforcements. That kind of deal comes along once in a lifetime!

      You need any Unimogs still? Canvas or no canvas???

    2. Does a bear pooh in the woods?

      I just started a order at the site, but the postage was going to be $70 USD for a 50 buck order! So I canned it:)

      Life and postage is not fair!!!

    3. Cripes! Let me know some of the things you were ordering. I'll see what I can do. My email addy is my firstname.lastname at gmail.

      Either way I'm sending some unimogs and a few other goodies your way - just for the extra points in Mystery Model Mondays! I already have your addy.

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