Friday, May 9, 2014

Vimeiro 1808: Still a British Victory Part II

I played the second half of my nail-biting Battle of Vimeiro using the "Black Powder" wargame rules.  True to form, Wellesly's Brigades stood firm on or near the hilltop and broke Kellerman and Laborde's troops but the outcome was in question up until almost the last turn.
First round of the second half of the battle, Laborde's Brigade advances to contact, destroying the British foot battery and a British Battalion in the process!

Their ensuing breakthrough movement.  2 Battalions in attack column!  Nasty and headed through the valley towards the table's edge.  They would have headed all the way to Lisbon but the Royal Artillery had something to say about it...

Beginning the second round with Laborde's Breakthrough in the middle.

Kellerman's Battalions are moving up and the British have formed a new line west of the hill.


Scratch one French Battalion, who took grapeshot into their packed assault column.  They retired with heavy casualties.  With three turns left, who has time to rally them?

Kellerman seizes the hilltop, for now.

French positioning themselves for an attack along the entire line.

Portuguese on the far left evade a French charge and would trade shots with the French for the rest of the game.  Not as much action anymore on the British left.

The British line!

I love these pictures! 

French Chasseurs threatening the British foot battery.

French Legere unit evaporates...

The scene after heavy, brutal combat.  The Grenadier charge was checked, and a British counterattack finished them off, but not before knocking out another British Battalion.  The British right is reduced to one combat effective Battalion!

The scene at the Battle's end.  The Chasseur unit would also break from short range artillery fire.  Every French unit was shaken at this point at the beginning of the last turn.  The French retire in good order!


  1. It looks like a fun game.
    Your Napoleonic collection looks great all set up!

    I used to play a ton of Peninsular battles in my early gaming days. Something about the campaign still attracts me from time to time: maybe it's all the Donald Featherstone books I've read!

    1. Thanks, Ben. They do have a nice appeal to them when they're all set up and massed. The Black Powder basing scheme has about 24 to 36 figures for a Battalion. When you have all those 20mm guys standing there they look nice!

      Right now I'm working on switching over all my SYW and Napoleonics to 15mm. So the 20mm guys will eventually go away and my units will all be 15!

      I've never read any of the Featherstone books, but if you ever want some good Peninsular inspiration, read any of the Sharpe Books (I recommend Sharpe's Eagle, and Sharpe's Company, which are my 2 favorites. You'll only ever want to game the Peninsula after that!

      Thanks for commenting.