Monday, May 26, 2014

Rapid Fire Modern Soviet Tank Battalion MTOE

More Rapid Fire MTOE (modified table of organization & equipment) madness from Sound Officer's Call.  Did I ever mention that one of the things I love about Rapid Fire rules are the fact that you don't have to have an absurd amount of miniatures for a great game?

FM 100-60 provides detailed equipment lists for Soviet-styled Opposing Force Tank Battalions and gives you the options for the smaller battalions of 31 tanks, up to larger battalions of 44 tanks, etc.

Here is the standard configuration for a Soviet-styled tank battalion:
3 line companies and a hqs give a total of 31 tanks.  RF-speak that equates to companies of 2 tanks each, and battalions of 6 tank models.

The Headquarters has a reconnaissance vehicle and a command vehicle, which could be adequately represented by a BTR or a BMP model if you are so inclined, or you could theoretically consolidate all your recce assets into 1 stand for the entire brigade (this is a much cleaner option).  I would imagine most of the battalions in a tank brigade would not operate too far from each other so a consolidated recce stand would be appropriate.

Speaking of Brigade, if you're talking a tank division, here are the units you would have:
A HQs (and accompanying support elements) which will be the subject of another post, but if you want to assemble the perfect WP tank brigade from a tank division, you'll need 3 tank battalions (18 total models), a mech infantry battalion, and a SP howitzer battalion.


  1. Hi Steven totally agree. Will follow your posts strictly. I'm also going to build up some cold war forces. Still in the middle btw 15 or 20 mm;-)...and for any event i ve already the equivalent of 1 wpac motorized brigade and a tank one in 6 mm....

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marco. I have decided to throw my weight in fully for 15mm. My 20mm I will use as skirmish forces.

      Rapid Fire is great as you don't need too many vehicles to do the job. I am looking forward to fighting my first modern battle with RF.

  2. Yay, more players doing Cold War - even if you´re now considered a heretic for going 15mm ;-P
    Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

    1. Thanks for commenting, BG. I want to make some nice Rapid Fire Modern MTOE supplements for people wanting to play kind of like how "stopping the red tide" has done for Flames of War enthusiasts.

      Nothing would make me happier than to game in 20mm - my table at home is just too small!