Thursday, May 22, 2014


Thanks Barks for nominating SOUND OFFICERS CALL for a Liebster Award.  I would like to see, in a few years, categories for these like "best new blog" best 20mm plastic blog, etc!  But until then we have Liebster.

My blogs would have to be favorites and ones that I frequent frequently!

First Liebster goes to Paul over at Plastic Warriors.  No stranger to internet awards, Paul runs a first-class blog, and a first class model building operation over there.  His blog is great and is a source of inspiration for me when I'm in the painting doldrums.  Congrats, Paul!

Next Blog I would nominate would have to be COLD WAR GAMER.  CWG has one of the finest blogs devoted to "the war that never was" that I have ever seen.  More inspirational work from a professional.  He also has a solid doctrinal aspect to his gaming that I really appreciate.  Thanks CWG!

Another Blog I would have to nominate is BEN'S SOLDIERS.  Ben is a modeler and fellow wargamer like me and it's been fun watching Ben's progress painting over the years really develop into a level of professionalism that goes way beyond "wargame quality" painting.  Job well done, Ben.  Keep up the great work!

This is something - for all of my ranting about choosing a scale and finally deciding to throw my lot in with the 15mm crowd, there was one blog out there that constantly kept me wanting to stick it out with my 20mm.  I could only be talking about THE BEST BLOG IN NAPOLEONIC GAMING OUT THERE!  who's name is of no consequence....

Congrats to all the 2014 awardees!


  1. You are too kind about my work, but thank you! I always enjoy your site as well. Nice selections, by the way!

    1. No way, Ben. You are a seriously good painter. Your work gets better and better.

  2. Kind words Steven. A well deserved award to you mate. You have a good mix of projects on the go mate.

    Model on!

  3. Many congrats.