Friday, May 16, 2014

Modern Rapid Fire

There are plenty of modern, Cold War gamers out there using home brewed sets of "modern" Rapid Fire.  I've found a great Rapid Fire companion here: link.  This is Mr Aaron Longbottom's Modern Rapid Fire supplement, which I have linked to without his permission.  It has a new AT engagement table, rules for chem, ATGM, helos, etc.

My single biggest point of criticism for this supplement is the simple fact that I don't have nearly enough miniatures painted for a proper game!  My single Soviet Tank Battalion (in Rapid Fire terms, this was a HUGE Battalion...probably should have been a Brigade of 3 Battalions) broke before really getting into the action.  Had I had a motor rifle battalion or 2 with me, things may have gotten on smoother...

Also, I am "experimenting" with a universal basing scheme for my WWII 15mm troops that will work for Rapid Fire, Crossfire, GHQ, BKC, etc...God help me remember how last summer's universal basing went!!!

Soviet reconnaissance vehicle knocked out as it rounded the corner.  This was my Artillery OP for the Sovs!

US M1s in their hides....

M113 mounted infantry in their Battle Position!  No sophisticated Bradleys on the battlefield yet!

A Huey outfitted with TOW ATGMs....

Both T-72s were knocked out by Reserve Fire from the helicopter, thus saving my Americans from having to reveal themselves yet.

Bad news for the helo...luckily the unit broke prior to the "Zeus" getting into the fight!

M1 scanning for targets


  1. Lots of nice eye candy here Steven.

    You don't have enough toys for a game? Where have I heard that before!

    1. Paul,
      It's a common theme around my house - my wife always begs to differ!

      The T-72s are Petner Panzers and boy are they nice! They seem to fit in well on the other side of the table from my Zvezda and Johnny Lightning M1A1s.

    2. Yes scaling can be pretty abstract during some games. We all search for those old ESCI Warsaw Pact troops...Mostly in vain!

    3. Paul,
      In my opinion, you gotta do what you gotta do.

      Those ESCI Pact troops are the Holy Grail! I wish someone would do a proper set of 20mm Pact or Cold War Soviets...

  2. It's nice to see someone else who has based their armies in plastic. Mine are a mix of Airfix, Esci, Matchbox, Italeri, and Roco Minitanks

    1. Thanks IH. I have alot of Plastic for my modern stuff as the metal is far too expensive. My infantry is metal but many of the vehicles are plastic.

      If I can ever find the old ESCI Warsaw Pact troops for a good price, I'd consider going all 20mm for Moderns.

  3. Hi Steven
    I obtained fr8m some guys of The Guild, the adaption rules the used and use in their RF modern games. They want to collect them in a more organized way anyway they are clear and if you have doubts they'll be able to solve. If you are interested drop me an email Ill forward them to you.Any further developments forecasted for your modern rules?

    1. Thank you, Marco! Yes I would like to see their adaptation of the RF Rules. I will email you today.

      No, not much time to do any real work on the modern rules lately. At most, I can paint a few miniatures up, or get about an hour of gaming in. You will be the first to know when I've completed the modern supplement!