Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rapid Fire WW2 Unit Progress

Spent a little extra time working on my WW2 Rapid Fire 15mm units today.  A 1944 Soviet Company is 6 figures and a 1944 German Company is 8 figures.  Remember, each figure represents 15 troops.

Infantry check morale by Battalion so when the Battalion reaches a certain amount of casualties, it checks morale.  The single-based figures help for casualty figuring.

All Germans in the first company are Wargames Factory 15mm.  (had to do something with them...)  They run a tad small but I'm over it.  

LMG Team!

advance!  attack!  assault!

First Company

Their wheels.  1 halftrack per company is all you need.  rapid fire uses fuzzy math for transport vehicles (if 1 vehicle stand = 5 vehicles then a company ought to have 2 to 3 halftracks - but I'm not complaining.  Less to paint!)

Painted with Army painter paints.

Next up is my Soviet Rifle Company.  6 figures total for a 90 man company.  I got a little inventive with paints and mixed a few up to give the look of various shades of uniform.
2 shades of uniform on display.  1 is "steel legion drab" and 1 is a mix of green and steel legion drab.  I like it.

Forward!  For the motherland!  for Stalin!

Red Army Rifle Company.  2 more and a Weapons Company to go.
I have a full German Battalion and Soviet Battalion (about 40 and 31 troops, respectively) mounted, and primed ready to go.  That will make a fun battle when all is said and done.  The Germans still have a Stug-III Company as well, and the Russians will have their SU-76 Battery as well.  Will make for some good Rapid Fire battles I'm thinking.  If it goes well, I'll start on the Western Front units as well.

And just so you didn't think I was slacking off, 1 more stand of Prussians for the Summer of Horse and Musket!
Next up - finish the Prussians, another German Company, another Russian Company, and some modern vehicle detailing.  This is all if I find any time.  Then again, I have 6 days straight of work coming ug!


  1. Hi Steven
    I'm also basing my 15 mm mainly in pair for both Rapid Fire and Battle Group Kursk and Battlefront WWIi. What about your bases measures? I'm using cause find easy and pratical the small FOW bases. And for Rapid Fire do you stay with official ranges ( so do I) ORdo you adjust them?ciao Marco

    1. Hi Marco,
      I wanted to have a base that would suit all of the rules I use but unfortunately my standard size bases (Crossfire, Flames of War, BKC, etc) were too big.

      I thought Rapid Fire would be a good way to base some of the 15mm troops I have laying around (Wargames Factory and Plastic Soldier Company). I am basing my RF guys on 1 1/4 inch long by 3/4" wide rectangular bases for 2 figure stands, and 3/4 inch squares for single figure bases.

      It's not a bad system, but I would have preferred to have 1 basing scheme for all my 15mm infantry forces.

      It's funny you asked about range. This morning on the train I was thinking about using centimeters for all ranges since my table is only 6 x 4.

      The small FOW bases would have been a great idea! I wish I would have thought of that sooner. I dont use the FOW bases so I have tons of them lying around.

  2. Great looking stands Steven.
    ' some modern vehicle detailing' ...Oh do show us!

    1. Paul,
      I was experimenting with some tri-color NATO camo on some of those Roskopf M113s and it turned out nice. I just need to add some stowage and they'll be done.

  3. Great stuff and along the same lines as myself at the moment. Currently working on some Panzers and grenadiers for theBattlegroup Overlord ruleset.

    1. Thanks, LL. I have heard great things about the Battlegroup series of rules but haven't played it yet myself. I love Army building!