Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Summer of Horse & Musket....Continues! SYW Prussians

Even though I've been posting some wacky modern OOBs for Rapid Fire lately, don't think I'm not "slaving away" painting up those SYW Prussians...

Back to the original strategy for the dad of a toddler in the summertime with no time on his hands - 4 figures a day.  That wraps up the "Regiment" in about 1 week.

Here is a sneak-preview of 2 mostly completed stands.  (mostly because I need to fine-tune the details such as the collars need to be painted red and so on)  This unit will be IR 3, Anhalt-Dessau.  These are 15mm Old Glory from my original collection, who have patiently waited almost 4 years for their first coat of paint.  I like these figures even better than the Austrians.  They have a gritty, determined look to them, almost as if they are advancing towards the sunken lane or the Morellen Bach under fire at Lobositz.

Still on the drawing board - I need to paint up my first Russian rifle company (WW2) for Rapid Fire, as well as get pictures of the first German RF Company with their halftrack all painted up.

Plus - building more Modern MTOEs for Rapid Fire.  Stay Tuned!

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