Monday, February 25, 2013

Fulda Gap: 79th Guards Tank Division, 1st Brigade, 1st Battalion

If I get enough votes, I'll play GHQ's modern introduction scenario, "Fulda Gap" which is actually a Soviet Breakthrough at Fulda, Germany, and pushing on towards the town of Obergeis in Spring, 1978.  If you must know, I am enamored by all of the "Cold War" blogs lately and have fished out some of my old Cold War microarmour.

Soviet Forces have to capture Obergeis by the end of the last turn.  The Americans must defend it.  Very straightforward.

The full briefing for NATO (US) forces and Warsaw Pact (Soviet) forces including the map and OOB can be found here.

Looking at the forces arrayed for the Battle, the Soviets, not having needed their Operational Maneuver Group, have used local forces to exploit the breakthrough, however tenuous, achieved at Fulda.  The 79th Guards Tank Division is pushing at full speed towards Obergeis.  The 1st Battalion of the 79th Tank is pictured here:
lead companies of T-72 tanks race towards their objective in the huge Pact Exercise "Peaceful Bear '78"

Lead platoon is equipped with Plow Blades in anticipation of the enemy's minefields

The battalion is deployed in battle line

The Group of Soviet Forces-Germany is well trained to overcome obstacles

natural lighting 

The rest of the Tank Regiment - without their special paint to include service troops and air defense

Next up will be the Motor Rifle Battalion and the detachment command team, consisting of the reconaissance element, AT Platoon, and Headquarters platoon.  The MRB and Tank Battalion will be my first mobile detachment formed to seize Obergeis.  The second mobile detachment will be 2 tank battalions, also from the 79th Guards Tank Division.  Huzzah!

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