Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fulda Gap: NATO Forces - US 1-5 IN, 1-33 AR

They say you never forget your first time....painting MERDC that is.  What a pain in the rear end.  Took me a few tries to get something tolerable, and the pics def don't do these schemes justice.  Started with a base olive coat, then a lighter "camo green" pattern, then a black squiggly pattern, and a tan squiggly pattern.  Actually the infantry battalion in their M113s turned out very nicely.

I also painted up one of the Armor in the US/NATO "3 color scheme" that would eventually cover seemingly everything in the US Army inventory.

I realized as I started painting the other companies of tanks that I was not painting M60s but rather M48s...which is OK becuase I love the M48 but not so OK considering the Battalion is an M60 Battalion.  Oh well.

These battalions will be defending Obergeis from the Soviet Horde.  The 79th Guards Tank Division.  The infantry will be armed with Dragon missiles, and the ITV has its TOWs.  Once I finish up the Soviets, I'll post the map for your edification.
M60 Battalion minus 1 Company

MERDC Pattern....

NATO 3 Color Pattern

MERDC didn't turn out too badly for my first go.

lots of combat power.

moving out!

And next the Infantry Battalion in M113s.  All of my 6mm modern infantry is still in storage so I'm going to use pennies for my infantry dismount stands, or the infantry chit pieces from "Mechwar '77" which actually make alot of sense since they have the infantry symbols on them and are instantly recognizable.

The MERDC pattern turns out much better on the flat-sided M113s.  Pictured here are 3 companies as the Headquarters Company consisting of the Scout Platoon, Anti Tank platoon, and Mortar Platoon.  These 3 platoons will be vital as They'll be faced with almost a Brigade's worth of Armor coming at them.  The more "reach" they have the better.
The TOW Launcher...  I LIKE the way that camo turned out!!!

3 Infantry Companies wait to move out as NATO forces go on high alert.

Scout platoon followed by the Battalion mortars.

HHC Leading the way.

The entire force defending Obergeis...
Although there are 2 more platoons enroute to the front that were cross-attached elsewhere, it's not sure if they'll make it in time for the battle.  If they return, I'll cross-attach them to the Infantry companies, forming combined arms teams that have a little more anti tank.  "The best tank killer in this war is another tank." NATO SACEUR, on day 2 of the war.

Dry-brushing the rest of the Soviets and we are ready for the battle!  I was originally thinking Friday, but I may be able to get in the game prior to then as I have all week off.  Huzzah!


  1. Looking good man! M48 / M60 - who cares but the rivet-counters, right? I just did a Dutch mechanized infantry Battalion for MSH and proxied the hell out of the YPR765s. Close enough is good enough!

  2. Ski,
    I agree. I'm looking forward to getting down to some GAMING - not waiting for new reinforcements to be delivered or paint to dry lol. I'll be playing this scenario 3 times using 3 different rules sets to see how they work. GHQ Modern, Cold War Commander, and Fistful of TOWS III. Thanks for commenting - the MERDC is a pain in the ass!!


    1. Almost forgot - substituting the YPR isn't too bad - and they look awesome too!!

  3. They look really good Steve. Your camo looks awesome. The LAV is a sweet ride today, but I have fond memories of bouncing over German fields in an M113. I am sure your boys will deal with Ivan when he shows up. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  4. Thanks, Mike. I got the camo schemes from "ArmouredAcorn" one of my favorite reference sites.
    I would have given anything to pre-date my service by about 20 years so I could "pace the trace" and walk the line in Germany...

    Stay tuned - the game is coming up soon! Ivan has broken through at Fulda and is racing towards the small town of Obergeis. It's up to these poor minis to stop him!

    Thanks for commenting.