Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gela River Clash, Sicily Disposable Heroes Action!

Played a very intense round of Disposable Heroes tonight focused on the beginning of my Sicily Campaign.  A scratch force of troops from the 82nd Airborne is tasked with defending the approach to the bridge spanning the Gela River where "Strada Provinciale #10" crosses over.  The bridge wasn't in the battle, but a stone farmhouse was, along with some very sparse terrain.

The counter attacking force are troopers from the venerable "Hermann Goering" Division, without their tank support.

The German force could best be described as a reconnaissance in force with 3 rifle squads, an LMG section, an HMG section, and Anti Tank section, they aren't packing much in the way of offensive firepower.

The US unit, led by a Para Company XO has 2 rifle squads with an organic BAR and 7 troops each, a sniper, a command group with 2 runners, an HMG section with a tripod mounted M1919.  There is also a reserve detail physically at the bridge location.  Not much in the way of defense either.  No mines, no mortars or artillery, just guts and small arms!
Farmhouse with the HMG, and 2 squads flanking.  One in the treeline and one in a small culvert on the  left

defending the culvert

defending the treeline

weapons section (actually inside the house)

Company XO and a platoon sergeant behind the positions

First blood!  The HMG section hits the German LMG team as it enters the board - game rule was you can't open fire on a German team unless it was already activated.
The Germans move up in force and the HMG team runs into the tree-line as the infantry squads deploy and begin firing on the paratroopers.  The German return fire is nasty and the US squad in the culvert begins to take casualties.  
German HMG team getting organized

view from the small woods the Germans are occupying


The MG42 does its deadly work - you DONT want to mess with these things!!!  Even in cover they will mess you up.

Turn 3 starts.  the US squad in the culvert is knocked out and the Germans begin their advance.  That LMG team on the road would attract alot of attention

MG42 is banging away - the US team should have fired at them immediately and paid dearly.  The weapons platoon leader is "man alone" and keeps that .30 firing until he himself is wounded.

Runner goes and grabs the sniper...
meanwhile the Germans advance on the culvert

and the US command team sends out runners to fetch the reserve element 

sniper bags his first German...that +2ACC really helps...

German rifle team at the culvert

picking out targets.  this team would get really lucky...for awhile

US team is knocked out from the fire.  house is vacant...

Gerry makes a mad dash for the house!
German team reaches the ground outside the farmhouse. 

The command group rallies and launches the reserve team

German rifle team lets loose a barrage into the house

fighting it out at the front porch.  The US guys are actually inside the house.

US squad on the left fires at the German team.

MG42 adds its opinion to the matter...

The US reserve element reaches the house first.  next turn they make short work of the German rifle team. 
The Germans ran out of steam after losing the advancing squad in front of the house.  While the MG42 team in the woods took some casualties, they were holding onto their position but barely after attracting the attention of all of the US elements that were still alive.

Round one goes to the US troops but barely.  Now that their reserve is committed, there isn't anyone left to commit.  I think I hear tanks coming down the road....Man the heavy weapons and settle in.  It's gonna get ugly.


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    1. It was a ton of fun, Styx. Would have been better with more troops and vehicles though.