Monday, January 28, 2013

French Imperial Guard Grenadiers - Shako

I miscalculated the number of figures I would need for my 2 stands so I improvised.  Instead of 1 rank firing and 1 rank loading, I ended up with just one rank so I could properly make 2 stands for my Shako French Army.

These are HaT from the 1808-1812 infantry set, and mighty nice they are too.  My painting doesn't do them justice that's for sure.

With Napoleonics, I like to keep the more elite fellows in Reserve to commit once the breakthrough is established.  That being said, after last battle, I may decide to use them in more of a role as spearhead.  We will see!
The Imperial Guard in battle line!  

Target practice at the post-it notes

I love the way HaT models their weapons.  The detail really stands out.

Cool under fire.  

A fine addition to any Shako French Army.  Now I have 2 "elite" or "Guards" Battalions of French.  That qualifies me for an elite brigade!  (if I add my grenadiers a cheval, I'll have an elite Division!)

Next up I completed my Portuguese Artillery crewmen, French Artillery Crewmen, and about 9 terrorist insurgents for Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy.  Pictures of those fellows to follow.

Next up on the work bench are another squad of US Rangers w the chocolate chip helmets which seemed to garner so much positive feedback from you all, as well as a squad of US Army in ACU uniforms, French Napoleonic Lights, another British Peninsula outfit, then it's on to some other project starts:

15mm AWI British Regulars, 55th Foot, Battle of Princeton.
15mm US Airborne Company
15mm German SS Company in fall camo
20mm US Delta Force & SEALS in proper kit
20mm Russian VDV Airborne

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Allied "Armour"

I thought I would take a quick break from Infantry today and finish off 2 tanks which had been sitting on my shelf for awhile.  I finished one "long barrel" sherman tank for my Canadian Armoured forces as well as a short barrel Sherman for my Desert Rats.  This rounds out my Desert Rat armour as well and will make a handy addition to my 8th Army resources in Egypt during the DAK assault.  Those Panzer III's better watch out!

As far as the Canadians - well I technically haven't started the infantry just yet but I plan on modeling 2 of my favorite Canadian units - the Fort Garry Horse and...well what WWII forces wouldn't be complete without the  Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Regiment  (PPCLI) for fighting in Italy as well as NW Europe?  Maple Leaf Up!

8th Army Desert Sherman - early 1943 (wrong hull cast though right?  I know I know...sorry!)

light brown wash then light white dry brushing

Will make a fine addition to the Grant platoons I already have and will give those DAK tankers a run for their money in any game!

The first of my Canadian armor.  This unit technically bears markings from a  unit in the 1 CAB in Italy but I will use her for numerous units and engagements.

The black camo with the dark green looks pretty neat.  I always liked Brit and Canadian armor markings.

Defiant means business!  Bring on the big cats...

Decal from the POC Miniatures armor set I purchased.

Friday, January 25, 2013

US Army Ranger Squad, Mogadishu, 1993

Next up on the list, and a major project milestone for 2013 are my Mogadishu US Army Ranger Platoon troopers.  This is one squad of Rangers who will provide outer cordon security for Delta Force as they execute High Value Target raids within Mogadishu looking for everyone's favorite warlord.

I used the standard, US Army 3 color DCU for blouse and trousers and used the "chocolate chip" helmet covers.  The Chocolate Chip turned out pretty well in my opinion, and is subtle enough that I can use these guys for Operations Enduring Freedom (A-stan) and Iraqi Freedom without too much issues with my obsessive compulsive disorder...

They will become increasingly important as I begin to execute more high-level operations with Special Operations Forces to include the Tora Bora operations, as well as the Sha-i-kot valley.  I need plenty of SEALS and Rangers for those battles.

In a painting frenzy with the weather.  Next up will be either some more Napoleonic Troopers to include another of my Royal Spanish Grenadiers, British Foot-Sloggers, French Artillerymen, or your run of the mill, garden variety middle eastern insurgents.  Enjoy!
Ranger scanning the rooftops

Selecting targets, the fireteam provides cover for another Ranger element

Scan your sectors!

M203 Gunner.  You didn't think I'd miss out on the extra firepower die in Force on Force did you?  

"Dude, you don't need your night vision, we'll be home in half an hour..."

Action shot!

another good pic. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta

Also known as Delta Force, this unit operates as one of the US Military's "Tier One" Special Mission Units.  While the unit is still secretive, their exploits are not, and you can read about them here.

I am working on a few small units for my Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy games taking place in Somalia in 1993, Iraq, and A-Stan in modern day.  The Delta operators pictured here are in 1993 kit and based on Osprey drawings, photos, and of course pictures from the movie "Blackhawk Down."

They wear the famous Pro-Tec "hockey helmets" and sport black small arms vests along with lightened gear.  They will supplement my Mogadishu Ranger platoon for Blackhawk Down scenarios and also will unfortunately have to play my Green Beret troopers from the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan from the Force on Force OEF book.  Enjoy!
knowing the reputation of the Delta guys, I painted the collar sticking out.  They would more than likely reject neck guards and likely wouldn't have need for them anyways.

Not totally happy with how they turned out but they aren't too bad I guess.

light kit for going into the Olympic hotel, grabbing the target, and getting out.

The 2 other guys.

Delta Team Leader.  

Surprise!  US Navy SEAL figure as well.  I converted a Caesar fig with the Barrett Sniper head.  The excess flash was used as a desert Shemagh.  Brilliant!!!  

He wears either woodland or US Multi-Cam whichever you like.  Will be used in my modern Afghanistan scenarios.

I am working on a small contingent of SEALS for my Sha-i-kot valley scenarios as well.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blackhawk Down Ranger - US Army

You could say I have officially "broken ground" on my US Army Mogadishu Ranger Platoon.  This trooper is carrying a standard M16A2 and while his kit is somewhat off (interceptor vest, gas mask, etc) he did turn out respectably well.

Some of the pics I found are conflicting as to whether the Rangers wore the famous "chocolate chip" kevlar helmet covers.  Many of the personal snapshots that are available online show the now-famous 3 Color DCU.  However I wanted an excuse to paint choco-chip camo so I went ahead and did it.  Since there isn't much chocolate chip, I'll try and use these guys for my Afghan and Iraq actions as well.

He turned out out OK so I'm going to paint up a few squads of his buddies and game some parts of the battle.  Next up - Delta Force.  Can I do these legendary warriors justice?  We'll see.
Painted the vest OD while the gear is a slightly lighter shade of green.  It works just like for the WWII guys.

Going to have to add a black wash to the weapon - the metallic is too bright.

The helmet turned out awesome!
Random "technical" in the background.  Gonna make a recoiless rifle out of a pen...

Scanning for "skinnies" on the roof tops.