Thursday, June 23, 2011

WWII German Crossfire Platoon Progress

Here is what I have so far completed of my WWII German Crossfire Platoon.  2 x Squads and the Platoon Leader are complete.  They didn't turn out that bad!  The figures are Battlefront (Flames of War 15mm) and Old Glory.  The OG figure fits in nicely with the FOW guys I think.
Thanks to Dave F for some advice and instruction!  He is the pre-eminent Wehrmacht expert in my opinion.

 The Old Glory fig is a little short but that's not such a bad thing considering people come in all shapes and sizes.  Even 15mm people.  Huzzah!

2nd German Rifle Squad with Platoon Leader

The entire platoon so-far

It is early July and Hans is smiling.  He won't be smiling in December...

The flash brings out the detail...and mistakes.

Left side.  I think the color choices turned out Ok.

The Platoon Leader urges the squad to advance.

Speaking of the PL here he is now. 

Rear of the Platoon showing the kit.  I enjoy painting the kit, although with these Germans it takes a long time.

Another shot of the platoon advancing

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mein Erstes Deutsches Gewehr Squad

The first squad for my German Crossfire Company is sort-of complete.  I am having issues with selecting appropriate colors for my German field uniforms.  Apart from worrying about the M1935 uniform over the M1940 uniform, I am looking for a good, generic uniform I can paint that will not look ridiculous in an Italy 1943 game or a Kiev 1942 game.  I painted these gentlemen up in 3 different colors.  The lead with the crew-served weapon is a mixture of citadel codex grey and camo green with a tad of black mixed in.

The fellow behind him is wearing only acrylic, generic "medium grey" and the guy in left field is wearing testor's Medium Green.  The camera doesn't even pick up the subtle differences between my home-made feldgrau and regular grey.

What a pain in the a** trying to paint the shield and the eagle on the helmet too!  But the kit is fun to paint as always.  I wil repaint the guy in the medium green (trying to replicate the German "Reed Green" uniform) to a more appropriate feldgrau color but this is it!  These are the guys that will carry the Germans in the field.  Huzzah!

German Landsers advance towards the enemy

Note the 3 variations of uniform foregraound is the testor's medium green

Great shot - note the shields on the helmet

another good shot of the troops advancing

My home-made feldgrau - GW Codex Grey and Camo Green.  I think it turned out nice

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Советский стрелковый взвод

My Soviet Rifle Platoon is finished!  I have to admit though that I cheated.  These gentlemen were already based I just re-painted them.  I think, for the most part, they look pretty good.  Please forgive the oversight or general mistake in painting.  Additionally, please forgive the small historical oversights of uniform as well!  I took a little "licença artística" but clearly the ends justify the means.

These tough looking troops are based for the popular "World War II Crossfire" Rules and each stand represents 1 rifle squad, and the individually based chap is the Platoon Commander.  I will eventually make 3 more Rifle platoons, with Platoon Commanders and a Weapons platoon to fill out the "1st Company" of my Crossfire Battalion.  To be honest, I think the Battalion will only have 2 Rifle Companies in it with some vehicles to round it out.  Though it did not take me very long at all to paint this unit up.  There is a world of possibilities out there.  Now I will start my Ostfront German Rifle Platoon!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Huzzah! 
Soviet "Crossfire" Rifle Platoon in 15mm minis are Old Glory

Soviet Platoon Commander leading by example

Soviet Platoon capturing the laptop

Soviet advance

Surprise!  A German "Hauptmann" watches the enemy advance with dread

The German officer barks out commands to his runners and platoon leaders.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Подкрепление прибыло! Reinforcements have Arrived!

The 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, 1st Company is complete.  Again, I have these guys based for Crossfire, but the Table of Organization and Equipment conventions can be easily adjusted to suit Blitzkrieg Commander, or even Spearhead if I can find the room.  Per Dave F, I don't have to rush to pump out sheer numbers.  Maybe I can just enjoy myself and paint up a stand every once in awhile.
2nd Squad / 1st Platoon / 1st Company / one of endless Soviet WWII Battalions

Close up of the Squad - this one turned out ok

Slightly different angle

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

За Родину!

Forgive the title - just figured out how to get the macro setting on my camera to actually work AND finished this sweet stand of 15mm Old Glory WWII Soviet riflemen.

Different Angle - note the static grass - I have had good luck with that stuff

Here we come to liberate the motherland!!!

Side view - note the rifle stocks

Rear view.  Note the bedrolls and knapsacks.  Had a difficult time picking the correct colors.
They are originally based for Crossfire but I could theoretically use them for blitzkrieg commander, spearhead or any other rules set i wanted to.  There are many, many more...