Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick Volley & Bayonet Game!

Not much time for gaming/hobby today, but I did have time to upload pics of my latest Volley & Bayonet game from last night.

Six regiments of rebs against four regiments of yanks.  The rebs were organized into 2 brigades of 3 regiments with the yanks organized into smaller brigades of 2 regiments.

Rebs were rated at strength point 3, morale 4 (3-4) with the yanks 3-5 (slightly higher morale).

rebel commander

yankee commander

zouave regiment

2 yank "brigades" facing off against the rebs

rebel units beginning the flanking maneuver

yank regiment

yank regiment

rebs moving forward.  strategy was to hold the yankees with one brigade while the other moved around the flank

first blood goes to the yankees.  the rebs score a double 1!!

yellow beads = disorder 

yankee artillery in action!

close combat!!

finally got to use my snazzy casualty markers

casualty markers equal lost strength points

battle up and down the line!

first round yanks pull back

meanwhile the rebels on the union right flank deploy.  this battle's over boys!

union line starts to give

union regiments go stationary

rebel casualties

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gaming Board Inaugural Game! GHQ Armor

All day at work I was thinking about breaking in the new gaming board.  As soon as I got home, I threw some armor on the table and got cracking.  GHQ rules - meeting engagement from the book's first scenario.  I won't go into too much detail suffice to say it was a cracking good time.  Russian decisive victory as well.  The board surpassed expectations and I love all the maneuver room!
glorious people's army advances!


the German view

Russians pour through the collective farm

tanks bursting through

KV-1s breaking through

scouts calling in artillery fire...none of the katyusha missions arrived

cool pic!  Soviet commander

yours truly.....

moving the troops

this stupid SU76 barely managed to move past the line of departure and didn't move the rest of the game...

Germans occupy the woods

STUGIIIs take on the lead elements of the Soviet breakthrough

Soviet breakthrough! THe Panzers started bugging out.