Monday, June 29, 2015

MEIN GOTT we're being rebased again???

If you're standing up, better sit down for a minute.  So I have embarked upon yet another rebasing project.  The latest in a few year's worth of rebasing projects.  Having re-read Arty Conliffe's "Crossfire" rules (among other rules lately) I decided on a scheme of basing that will support - quite literally - any game I'd like to play.  Using wooden, Flames of War styled bases, I'm going with a "fireteam" concept for my World War II troops and that will eventually carry into moderns as well.

This will allow me to use 1 stand as a squad for Crossfire, Blitzkrieg Commander, Rifle Team in Flames of War, etc.  It also looks a little more "respectable" as a platoon-sized stand if I got that route.

And fear not - if you have liked reading my "Battlegroup" posts, these squads are specifically tweaked for Battlegroup games.  I'll explain.

The quality of quantity.  My Soviet horde in all its glory.  So each stand is a "Squad" for Crossfire.  4 squads = 1 platoon.  I have 5 platoons in all.  I have 4 troops based per squad, so 2 x stands are 1 Battlegroup Soviet Squad.  Every other stand has a DP LMG!  Sweet!  These babies will even work with Squad Leader in Miniature!!  Platoon leaders based on the circular stands, as well as support weapons.
 Casualties will just have to be tracked via "the little red dice" or some other appropriately sanguine method.
Soviet team
 Also, I still have my Bolt Action / Disposable Heroes single based platoon but they are not pictured here.
Soviet HMG gunners!

Been cutting up my fingers something fierce but wait until you see these 2 Shako divisions I've rustled up with my new square bases.

German rifle team.  I separately based my LMG stands and as you may or may not know, they have absolutely no place in Crossfire.  So I'll use them for Squad Leader, Battlegroup, etc.  A full line = 10 German Soldiers in a full squad.  1 base of 3, 1 base of 4, and a LMG stand!  (also for Crossfire, each stand = 1 squad).

German FO stand next to the weapons platoon

Full German "Battalion" of squads for Crossfire, etc.  1 line of troops = 1 squad for Battlegroup

Full Soviet "Battalion"  Or a mighty 10 Russian squads for Battlegroup!!!  Platoon leaders are on the right.  Support units to the front!

The leftovers go to the Bolt Action platoon!  (the Shtraf Company!)  Oh and note my 2 experimental "casualty" markers on the right.  They need some work but you get the idea.
 And now for the Napoleonic pictures again!  After reading and re-reading Shako, I want to give it another "go" so here they are in all their glory.  (also, I had nothing against 6 stand figures, but as David F poignantly pointed out, I don't have enough troops painted.  So 4 troopers to a smaller base works better for games like Shako or Age of Eagles when more stands are better.

Shako Napoleonic French Battalion

The division in all its glory!

 Okay so next up - need to rebase my SYW and AWI troops onto the new chunkier stands.  I'll hold off on the ACW guys until I get more squares in the mail.  I also need to order flock to flock all these guys!

  One of the other reasons I'm doing this is the flatter stands catch when I'm using a gaming mat.  So the chunkier bases is more conducive to picking up the lads by their bases as well.  Also, they square inches as opposed to "whatever" with the woodsies I've used for years.

Going to play a game of "Crossfire" soon so watch this space.  I'd like to throw a German Company against a Soviet Company and see what happens!


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    1. Thank you Steve! Wait until I get them flocked - should look much more respectable :)