Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Productive, Flockin' Day & Aircraft WIP!

Well not much gaming or painting going on but I was able to finish flocking all of my Soviet stands to include WW2 for BATTLEGROUP, and Modern Soviet and Bundeswehr stands for SABRE SQUADRON.

Based to support the "BATTLEGROUP" rules.  5 man rifle section and 3 man LMG section.

Command team.  Either the Company Commander or a forward HQs.

Helmet covers!  Just too much wash...

Soviet support stands.  Mortar, AT gun, and HMG.

Soviet company

Soviet platoon leader stand
  So there you have it.  A summer's worth of work and now all my World War II Soviets and Wehrmact Germans have been based.  All told, about a small Company's worth of troops for both sides, depending on the rule system used.

Now onto the Bundeswehr troops for SABRE SQUADRON.  Finally have these troopers flocked.  These are Command Decision US Paratroops and Vietnam range miniatures painted as West Germans.

MILAN Section.

West German mortar team
And onto the Soviets...

Another Soviet Platoon for SABRE SQUADRON!  That's 2 completed Soviet infantry platoons.

And now onto some aircraft!  Here in its early stages is an unfinished Hind-D Gunship that will be used for my modern games.  I am going to order 2 more of these babies.  This is from the Zvezda "Hot War" collection.  I am so impressed with this scale that I ordered a MiG-23, SU-22, and SU-25 1/144 model from Amazon.  Air power for my SABRE SQUADRON games!! 

Hind Gunship!  Still painting the rotors.
 Okay here's a question - should I paint the underbelly and weapons stores or leave them camouflaged?  That's alot of work...

Cant wait until this guy is finished!  One of my all-time favorite pieces of equipment!
 Also, I'm all ears if anyone knows of a good 1/144 MI-8 model.  The "Eastern Express" models are EXPENSIVE!

Painted in the standard sand/olive green that all my modern Russian stuff is painted in.  Ironically, all my Guards forces are plain green.

Also, here's another little gem.  This is the Zvezda Stuka dive bomber from the "Art of Tactic" game that I am repurposing for BATTLEGROUP among other WW2 rules.  I will drill out a hole in the underbelly and affix him to my usual aviation bases.

The tape gave me nice lines

The colors are off, but I refused to buy 21 dollars worth of spray paint just for 2 models...
So this is based in rustoleum dark olive and light olive.
Still need to paint on the details and add decals but for the most part he's done.
 And last but not least, another "4Ground" building assembled.  This is the "pig stye/chicken coop" combo and for scale I threw in some recently completed Khurasan Napoleonic light infantry!  Enjoy!
(BTW can't say enough good things about these buildings).

French devils!  Smashing the windows looking for fresh bread!

2 down, a TON more to go!


  1. Fantastic outcome - must be quite the sense of achievement to have all your WW2 stuff done. I love your German Command base and the model of 'that guy' on your Soviet Platoon leader stand came out beautifully.

    I've got the Zvezda Stuka and Jabo too, one day I'll get around to them. One day soon I'll even be in the same hemisphere which will help greatly :-)

    And who doesn't love the Hind? :-)

    1. Paul,
      It certainly will be great get to game more with these WWII guys.
      You will love the Stuka model - it's a joy to put together. Not bad at all. I plan on buying 2 or 3 more of them :)

      Got a great Hind story for you from Iraq.

      As a young platoon leader in Iraq I watched a platoon of US Army engineer D-9 bulldozers push an entire squadron of Hind gunships all the way down the runway, destroying all of them.

      I had tears in my eyes.

  2. Figures look excellent - loving the Bundeswehr and Soviets...and the Hind looks pretty scary - I would leave camo as is - wonderful effect in the pics.
    When are we going to see the Apache :) Your mate will need a Lynx for his British stuff...not as functional looking as an Apache or Hind...but it works.

    1. Thanks Darren. Can't wait to get them on the table more. The Bundeswehr guys will sub as Dutch troops, or basically almost any NATO country's troops.

      Yes I cannot wait to get the Hind finished and on the table! Just need some to finish the detailing.

      I have the Apache also - just need to put him together and paint him up!

      Ken bought a Lynx I think - and it's a very hefty model!!! (when did the Brits start using AH-64s? I know they have them in the arsenal).

    2. Ah yes...Apaches built under license by Westland - though I think it didn't come in until early 2000s - and the longbow version came later. As for the lynx - I think it still holds the official airspeed record for choppers (apart from that it's rubbish on the wargames table - no, no I don't mean it)...Let's face it, the Apache is the best looking helicopter on the table :)

    3. How can I argue with that? The Apache is a sexy helicopter that's for sure! I'm finishing up the Hind now and then I'll start on the AH64! Everyone wants the Apache because of those 16 Hellfires it can carry - the thing is though it's so weighed down by them all that it can't get out of its own way.

      Also in other news I started the proof of concept for the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle platoon and finished the first quick-build M2 Bradley today and all my US GIs are now based. Can't wait to get them on the table!

  3. What the flock! All kidding aside, nice job hiding the individual figure's actual bases when flocking.

    1. Allan,
      You got the joke! :) Thanks I strategically placed more glue around the bases to try and hide them. I experimented with using spackle or joint compound but it didn't look quite right.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you John! Can't wait to put some of these on the table!

  5. Very impressive batch of work, Jonathan. That's a summer's worth of work to be proud of. I especially like the Wehrmacht officer on the command stand but they all look jolly good.
    Not sure what the proper colour for the underbelly of a HIND should be, but a pale or sky blue would be solution.

  6. Wow, very impressive job sir, and beautiful! As a French guy, I love your 'French devils'!...very nicely done...

    1. Merci, Phil! My wife is from Portugal and her father used to talk about the French invasion like he was there in 1806 :)

      I'm glad you like them.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Ken! - My reds needed some airpower! I plan on buying a few more as well.

  8. Excellent progress all around Steven. I have the same Hind about a step behind. Its a great wee kit. I am thinking of replacing the rotors with clear plastic disc though.

    Keep us updated mate.

    1. Thank you Paul. I really like that Hind model and I cannot wait to get it on the table! I think that would look pretty nice with a plastic disc atop.

      I've got to finish the Stuka first and a few other odds and ends but rest assured he will be finished. My Ivans need the air support!