Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Prussians, Bavarians, Russian SMGs & Some News...

Happy Father's Day to the dads out there (today is father's day in the US).  Ken and I left our Blucher game up hopefully for next week so no small solo games this week. Also no BLucher this weekend as I have a large family engagement today and have no time for gaming.  I was able to get some light painting done over the last 2 mornings in between helping out around the house as my wife broke her foot this past week, effectively leaving me in charge of basically anything in the house - doctor's orders!

1/2 of the next Prussian Infantry Regiment.  Pretty generic.  Blue Coats Red Cuffs and Facings. I haven't figured out which unit they belong to yet...

Bavarian Madness continues!  These are actually 10mm Old Glory Austrians that I thought would be suitable Bavarians in 10mm.  Respectable I think.

In case you ever wanted to know what 15/18mm Eureka Bavarians look like next to 10mm Old Glory...
 And to finish some other things on my workbench, how about a squad or 2 of Soviet SMG troops?  Different painting style here.

Coming up?  Taking a fresh look at Charles Grant's "The Wargame" scaled down or bigger battles (12 figure Regiments/Battalions).  Also looking at Bolt Action as July's game with Dave down in Virginia will be here before you know it!  Im also thinking of bringing Mr Neil Thomas' ONE HOUR WARGAMES down with me and some horse and musket troops since we'll have some time for some quick games.

Anyways that's all for now.  Hopefully next time I post, there'll be a finished Bavarian Battalion and some SYW Prussians done as well!


  1. Hope your wife's foot gets better soon mate.

    Very much looking forward to your take on Charles Grant's stuff and more OHWs.

    1. Cheers Darren. Oh she's managing!

      I ordered Charles Grant's "Napoleonic Wargaming" or "The Napoleonic Wargame" or whatever it is. Looking forward to reading about his rules with a Napoleonic flavor to them. More to follow!

  2. Great looking minis, love the beautiful first regiment...

  3. The troops are looking sharp. Hope your wife is feeling better soon.

  4. Nice one Steven. Those Sov's are looking good. Shame about the wife mate...Production will be down!

  5. Nice work. Any lead gifts for Father's Day?

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