Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter, "Seven Years War Month," and a Big Announcement!

 Seems like March and April are pretty much no-go months for me when it comes to hobby time.  The vaccine push is in full effect and naturally I'm right in the middle of all of it so gaming naturally has to take a back seat. 

The plan for March was Seven Years War and I had planned a big Neil Thomas 15mm SYW bash, as well as my triumphant return to the Volley & Bayonet rules with a planned Mollwitz-1741 game.

I don't have to remind everyone what happens to the plan after first contact with the enemy!  Anyways, the Neil Thomas bash is off, but Mollwitz will still happen, just clearly not in March.  Between Ken and I, we have enough forces for the small-sized Mollwitz 1741 scenario from the Volley & Bayonet page.  

March wasn't a total write off, mind you.  I still was able to paint up more SYW units, and rebase my existing units, plopping them on 3" x 1.5" bases for Volley & Bayonet to serve as linear regiments, after sadly ripping them off of their 4"x2" big bases.  I cried when I did that but it's for the greater good - IE being compatible with friends' collections as well as my own.

The Prussians, so far.  9 Infantry Regiments, 4 Artillery Battalions, 2 Cuirassier and 2 Dragoon Brigades

The Austrians - similar makeup to the Prussians

I plopped a few units on the table last night for a practice game of Volley & Bayonet to re-acquaint myself with the rules.  Turns out there's alot I forgot!  Both sides test morale every turn under certain circumstances, dedicated / battalion guns, rout rules, and recovery from disorder being a few among them.  Also stationary infantry are lethal.  

Trying not to be too hard on myself since it's been about 7 years since i've played it :)

Prussians and Austrians square off - they look good!

Units test within close range of field guns.  The odd bad-roll can really ruin your day if you were counting on all those regiments sitting tight!

Super happy with how they turned out!

Whatever you men do, don't roll a 6 when testing in front of those guns!

I also realized yesterday that the anniversary of Mollwitz is April 10th - so perhaps if I can squeeze a few hours off work next weekend, we'll fight out Mollwitz close to the original battle date!  Always fun to acknowledge the historical battle.  And speaking of historical battle, do I have exciting news for you guys.

Ken, Dave, and I are going to be refighting Eylau in all its massed, 10mm Napoleonic glory.  We're setting the date for February, 2022 for the game, and hoping to host it at Cold Wars '22.  

That should give us enough time to paint up the roughly 80+ brigades required!  Dave is going to paint up the Prussian contingent, with Ken taking the Russians.  I will be assembling the French.  Ken and I have talked about using Volley & Bayonet for that game and I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of planning a huge Napoleonic battle on the table, in a blizzard!

Anyways that's it.  Hope to post on and off through April but I have a feeling it will be like last year with me trying to squeeze in the odd post here and there.  I've even been eyeing up the boardgame collection on the bookshelf like a pirate eyes up that pistol with the single shot he's been given after being marooned...

 I will definitely post a battle report from the Mollwitz game, though, whenever we get to play it.  Happy, joyous Easter if you celebrate!


  1. I like the new basing. Mollwitz is a toughie for the Austrians. Having refought Mollwitz a number of times, I still await seeing an Austrian victory.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. We'll see re Mollwitz. The Prussian cavalry wings are both Exhaustion 2 (!!) So I dont anticipate them sticking around long. The burden will be on the infantry to win the day.

    2. That is always the key. Can the Austrian cavalry on the wings defeat their opposition before the Prussian infantry can close to demolish the Austrian infantry. Have not see it yet!

    3. I also have the Hold the Line SYW boardgame and Mollwitz is the intro scenario. Let's see if that's any different.

  2. Great stuff Steve. Really looking forward to the V&B games.
    I have some V&B and GDW moderns on the list myself - if I can ever get around to it.
    The 7yw figures look absolutely superb - and a Napoleonic V&B game in the offing too. Sounds like some great stuff coming up.

    1. Cheers Darren. Volley and Bayonet has been long in coming and I feel like it's time to go back to my roots! :)

  3. The new basing looks spot on. I am looking forwards to V&B, I just loved the total presentation of those rules, they were eagerly read cover-to-cover often in my younger years, so looking forward to that report.

    Also Eylau sounds an amazing project, even with the eye watering 80+ brigades that need building up. I collect the Hexasim Eagles of France boardgame series, they have 4 titles so far and Eylau is planned as the 5th and is very much looked forward to.

    1. Thank you Norm :) v and B were the first set of minis rules I ever bought and I loved them. They always gave a great game and were simple but nuanced.

      Yes the Eylau game is going to be epic. I'm trying to get my hands on the GDW game to learn more.

  4. Your 10mm figures look stunning on these bases - so don't grieve too long for what used to be, embrace the future! I can really see the benefit of tiny figures for larger battles but none of my gaming partners will countenance anything other than 28mm....and I do prefer painting larger figures to be honest!

    1. Thank you sir! My group has been discussing the merits of 10mm for a few years now. We're finally taking the plunge:)
      28mm figures look like they'd be fun to paint.

  5. Very impressive figures and new basing that perfectly cpatures linear warfare:)

  6. Visited the vaccination site in the convention center ten days ago, and it looks like a nicely run operation. I was there to check on the Guardsmen supporting it, but spoke to the Marine commander and CSM, and of course their chaplain. Keep up the good work!

    Only disadvantage I see with the smaller bases is that the figs are close to the edge on the sides, so will have to be handled with a bit of care.