Thursday, March 19, 2015

15mm US GWOT Modern Soldiers and Desert Buildings

Slow gaming as of late - too much stuff going on here with the weather improving.  I did have some time to paint up a squad of battle-hardened US troopers - as Dave used to say - "fresh volunteers for the war on terror!"  None of the bases are flocked or textured yet. 

These guys are the start of my modern/ultra-modern Skirmish collection and I will most likely play FUBAR among other games with them.

  I really like the Rebel minis troopers!  I also have PRC troops (by accident, believe it or not), Russian Spetnaz, and  Fedayeen and Insurgent troops (who I will paint up as the 'daesh' right after I buy the new Khurasan Kurdish PKK forces!!!)
My favorite pic out of all of them!  

3 US troops on "overwatch" scanning for the enemy.  Building is Crescent Root 15mm
 Painting the ACU was a pain and unfortunately you can't see the fine detail in most of the pictures.  I used a piece of spongy foam to make the tan/gray pixels on the US camouflage.  The black ink gives them a very dirty, weathered look which I like anyways.  Some were dry-brushed with buff afterwards.  Some were not.  Still have 2 squads and the command group to finish.

Building is from the Battlefront Desert Building set.

US Javelin gunner preparing to lay the hurt down on some "red force" armor!

Clear Sergeant!!

Red forces - "Name-istan" troops.  Generic Middle Eastern Regulars.  Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian.  You name it!  These are from the Khurasan Syrian forces collection.

That's all for now.  Napoleonic French Battalion in the works, followed by more Middle Eastern Regulars, Modern US Troopers, and Cold War US!  A most ambitious spring ahead of me!


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    1. Thanks Sam. The Crescent Root buildings are really inexpensive compared to other brands. Nice quality too.