Monday, February 29, 2016

ACW and AWI At the Double Quick!

Not exactly Cold War this week but here is some ACW progress for you.  This has to be some kind of speed record for me as I was able to slap some paint on 2 whole ACW Regiments this week!  1 complete Union Regiment, 1 complete Confederate Regiment, 1 Union Officer (Brigade Commander) and 1 Union "Battery" of 3" rifles.

Back in January, I sketched out a rough plan for some solo wargaming.  Each month has a particular "theme" to it with March being the American War for Independence and April (of course!) being the American Civil War.  I plan on playing the first portion of the Battle for McPherson's Ridge.  Anyone who followed my epic Gettysburg Day 2 battle for the Peach Orchard last year, then you know I love a good ACW brawl.  I played the Peach orchard using Black Powder rules and I'm going to possibly play McPherson's Ridge using Black Powder or even Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargame Rules (or both!).

Union Commander pondering his next move....slowly.

 The speedy progress is a testament to how quickly Musket Miniatures can be painted.  (truth be told there are some Old Glory as well as Peter Pig mixed in there).

Love the officer figure!  

Yankee Battery  Not flocked or washed but you get the idea.

Rebel Casualties.  I will knock 3 more casualty stands together for my new Union Regiment as well.  3 means you have most likely reached your "shaken" level in Black Powder.
 Okay speaking of progress, here is some progress I've made on more generic "horse and musket" casualty markers.  Many of the blue coats can stand in for French, Prussian, Continental, and Hessian casualties.  I'm all about value!

Continental or State Line casualties.  I cannot wait to paint up a unit with brown coats and blue cuffs and facings!

My as of yet unfinished British.  Oddly enough, I have more AWI British but not nearly enough casualties for them!
 Now moving onto the AWI Hubbardton project!  Finally finished after ALL these long years.  Below are the Hessians, and of course the Green Mountain Boys.  The Hessians are based as a regular unit, and the GMB are based as Light Infantry (for Neil Thomas' rules or to signify that they are a "small" unit in Black Powder).

The dreaded Hessians!  Preparing to give "Lord" Stirling's Division the Cold Steel at Long Island!
 Need to get those colors mounted for the Hessians.

My lovely Green Mountain Boys!  Very pleased with them.  THey will stand in as "generic" militia as well.

Alright that's it for progress at the moment.  My work hours will be changing so I fear not as much progress in the future, but I'll give it my best shot.

Right now I have 2 AH-64 "Apaches" in the queue to stand in as AH-1 Cobras for Team Yankee.  They just need their decals and the Hellfire's painted and they'll be good to go!

Stand by!


  1. Great work, mate. The federals really look the business and I like the deep rich blue.
    Seeing good 15mm figures like these sometimes has me questioning the wisdom of doing ACW in 28mm.

    1. Thank you Michael. I love that color blue for my yankees. I also made the trousers dark blue intentionally - figuring them for a state militia unit of some sort in the earlier part of the war.

    2. I dont know, your 28's are some of the nicest I've seen!

  2. Really nice work. Good to see ole Seth's Green Mountain Boys...
    Can't wait to see these guys in action.

    1. Thank you Darren! I cannot wait to get some AWI gaming in soon!

  3. Nice work on the new additions. I look forward to reading about both these upcoming games.

    1. Thanks Rod! If only I could find the time to get a proper game in!