Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ACW On Parade

Trying to stay true to my 2016 Hobby and Gaming goals has not been easy but I'm managing!
This month is still, technically, AWI month which means I've got to get my rear in gear to get an AWI game in.  My plan is to do Hubbardton in 15mm using the Neil Thomas "One Hour Wargame" rules, and also using Black Powder.  (Hubbardton was a small battle, so using One Hour Wargame rules will probably take about 15 minutes to play)

Anyways, a herculean effort on my part to knock out about 6 ACW Regiments for next month's ACW battle.  I'm probably doing the first part of McPherson's Ridge at Gettysburg, part of the desperate first day's battles.  I was able to steal away precious minutes or hours here and there to throw some paint on these Regiments and the result is respectable, in my humble opinion.

Union Regiments.  These will make up Meredith and Cutler's Brigade on McPherson's Ridge.

Had so much fun painting those drums.  I dont know why.  I actually saved the musicians for last!

Union officers.  I'm working on a Division Command stand as well.

I looked and found some very nice Confederate drum examples in my Troiani books.

If you look hard enough, you can see looted Yankee bed sheets from the march north.  (even though Lee forbade pillaging and the ANV was actually pretty good at reimbursing people they "acquired" supplies from).

The whole Rebel force.  7 Regiments currently with another on the way.

Rebel batteries.  I need to clean up the ground cover and flock.  

Rebel officers

Both forces arrayed!

BG Buford!  Dismounted!  They won't be in this part of the battle, but I HAD to put them on parade as well.

More cool drums

Zouaves - 14th Brooklyn maybe?

A dismounted cavalry regiment with their carbines

So since next month is ACW, I'm finishing up the Regiments this month in anticipation of bigger and better battles.  If anyone remembers my Peach Orchard battle last year, this will be more of the same!  Huzzah!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cincinnatus. Stay tuned. AWI action coming up soon.

  2. Looking forward to more AWI, and these ACW figs look great.

    1. Thank you Darren. Much more work to be done but I'm happy with them so far.

    2. Also sent you an email re. 'The Last Hundred Yards' mate. Been reading it with great interest.

  3. Nice job! What rules are you using for the Gettysburg game?


    1. Aaron,
      2 sets of rules for 2 games. I will play the scenario with Black Powder, much like my epic Peach Orchard game from last year, and then with Neil Thomas' "One Hour Wargames" rules to see how those go. That's the plan for now, anyways.

  4. I can supply 15mm ACW (albeit based for Regimental Fire & Fury) if you need some extra troops to do your game.

    1. Thanks Ken. You're more than welcome to play as well. Should be fun I think.

  5. I can almost hear the music! ("...As we were marching through Georgia.")

  6. Fantastic collection, Steve. Your 15mm guys look as good as my 28s. Really inspiring to see them all together.
    I always get a bit impatient painting rebs, because I aim for a wide palette of grays and browns and it can be a bit time consuming. I see you've done many of yours in gray and they look fine. I may rethink my approach.
    Cheers and Huzzah for the Union!

    1. Thank you Michael and not-possible as your 28s really are the cat's whiskers!!! (THE ACW standard IMHO).
      I totally understand where you're coming from IRT the Rebs. There ought to be a wide disparity in how they are clothed. I like to give about 40% of a Rebel Regiment a "uniform" and the rest wear other stuff.

      Some of them though I was just lazy and needed to get out a number of units fairly quickly. For McPherson's Ridge AM battle, I need 8 to 9 Regiments per side. Not a huge lift.

  7. Lovely stuff! :o) Sounds like I may need to be giving my Rebs a little more homespun than I do. I kind of assumed that as my orbat's are designed round Kernstown and the start of the war they would mostly have issue uniforms..??

    1. Steve,
      Thanks Steve! My Rebs are painted for ca 1863 and beyond so I'd say you're in good shape. Besides, the beautiful thing about painting Rebs is the fact that they never have to have a uniform look to them - regardless of time of the war IMHO - and if they do - they still look perfectly fine.