Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It's Oktoberfest right now and what better way to celebrate here at SOUND OFFICERS CALL than to post some progress on the status of my Bavarian "force" as humble as that may be.

So still to complete is this medium field-piece in the pictures below, as well as Wrede and some officers before I delve into more units.  I still have about 6 infantry "Regiments" or Battalions to finish as well as 5 Cavalry regiments before the Bavarian project is over.  (are any of these projects ever really over?)

Introducing my Warrior Miniatures 15mm Bavarians.  I love the looks of these troops.  They're mostly generic poses but nice detail and nicer price.
 You may have noticed I stuck 6 of them on a stand.  That's intentional - I swear that it wasn't Oktoberfest or Hofbrau that did it...

I've decided all my Napoleonics, Seven Years War, and American War for Independence troops will now be based 6 to a base, in units of only 4 bases.  There's a reason for this rebasing (again!)

Old Glory Bavarians.  I still have a bag of them to complete.
 I like the look of the massed formations much better.  When Ken places his 3/4 wide stands on Volley and Bayonet sabots, the massed look is achieved rather nicely.  4 infantrymen look like a "corporal's guard" so I opted for mass.  Plus, many of the more tactical games I play (or will play) such as Black Powder, LaSalle, Neil Thomas Napoleonics and the like have 4 stand units.  If I need a 5th stand, I can cannibalize other units if necessary.

Also, when playing more "Grand Tactical" games like Blucher, Volley and Bayonet, or Command & Colors Napoleonics, I can only fit 4 stands to a base.  I'm telling you 24 troops crammed into 4 square inches looks more convincing than 16.

AB Bavarians.  So big they hardly qualify as 15mm but they're gorgeous and easy to paint.

the advance

The entire Bavarian force, which hardly qualifies as a small brigade right now. 
 By the way, I bought these Bavarians to play in an 1809 campaign with Ken but also discovered the joys of the 1813 campaigns so get this - my Bavarians can now actually FIGHT against my French.  Well, they always could, but I recently just discovered they may do so historically :)

 And no onto the French.  I think the French truly and richly deserved the massed-base look to them...

Bicorne wearing troops.  

lastly, and don't laugh, but I'm actually going to try out "Grand Battery" as a rules set as it looks simple and interesting enough.  I've only ever read 1 review of these rules and they weren't pretty.  Still though, something keeps bringing me back.


  1. Great looking Bavarian troops, well done...and this beer is really appetizing!

    1. Thanks Phil! Yes the beer looks good! You cant beat a German lager.

  2. Very nice and the troops excellent too 😀

  3. Nice pics mate - and some great assets on show there ;)

    Six to a base looks great - good job.

    I have a copy of Grand Battery...will be interesting to hear your thoughts. My only opinion was that the rules might not have been playtested, but I could be wrong.

    1. Thanks Darren. Oh the rules are terribly written but they seem to follow a logical progression and you can play almost the entire game using the QRS. I rather like that. Ill post an AAR for sure when i get around to playing them. Also the casualties are hideous and unrealistic according to the single aar ive read.

  4. My Man Cave is celebrating Oktoberfest in a more traditional fashion - Prost!

  5. I love Bavarians and those look great too!