Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barrikady Factory & T4G Building for Stalingrad!

Big accomplishment this weekend with the "mostly" completion of the Red Barricades factory and the first of many Terrains4Games MDF buildings.  The factory is a Novus Design Studio purchase and it's a beauty with no shortage of incredible detail molded right in.
Novus Design's Barrikady Factory in all its shattered, war-torn glory!
The building is a small apartment building or factory office that will be included for Stalingrad games, etc.  They are plain (some have etched detail which you can order) but I jazzed them up with special piles of rubble glued to the floors.  They really add a nice touch to the destroyed buildings.

Looks like a nice office building for the factory complex.

Note the tile floor with rubble piles
not a bad accomplishment for a Sunday afternoon.

For the "forest of chimneys"

Red Barricades Factory and office building.

Amazing detail right on the floor.

Germans for scale

CW, A young pioneer, works on the Barrikady Factory.  All must pitch in to the sacred defense of the Rodina!
Fritz calling in artillery support!

Many more buildings and structures to work on (19 assembled so far) but the centerpiece of the battle is completed, I think!  Stay tuned and watch this space!  More buildings and scenarios coming up soon!


  1. That was quick, looking good, and a cute little helper to boot!

    You’ve inspired/shamed me into pulling my Novus stuff out and working on it...


    1. Yeah!!! Get on that stuff Jack! Youll do it better justice than me!

      She was psyched that she got to paint on of the buildings. I did the floor, though. Too advanced.

  2. This will be a nifty complex to fight over. Looking good!

  3. Steve your project oozes enthusiasm - everything is looking great and some really nice tables / games are no doubt not too far away.

    1. Thanks Norm. I can't wait to get a game on the table. Some of the buildings will go fast as they will only be a quick spray of gray.

  4. Fantastic work - and good to see the young 'uns getting involved. This looks like it will turn into a great spectacle and game to remember, and be proud of.

    Of course, I have a moral to the story. My two daughters used to love helping Dad paint figures and even highlight rivers for him. Those days have fast disappeared with the advent of (1) 'boys' and (2) video games, respectively. Now it's 'no Dad, I'm waaaay too busy to play with toy soldiers.' Of course, the that's another story...he's showing a distinct interest.

    Cherish this love for painting terrain, for it is fleeting... :)

    1. Thanks Darren. I'm happy she still enjoys hanging out with me. I will soak it up while I can!

  5. Normally I don't go for rewwins, but I can see the attraction! Very nice and evocative.

  6. That terrain looks fantastic Steve! And painted by a 'volunteer' Young Okobrist too :-)
    Really first rate and very inspiring - looking forward to seeing it all laid out on the table mate