Sunday, September 22, 2019

Soviet WIP and Shipping an Army!

Happy Sunday gaming fans - not much gaming going on this weekend however a flurry of activity in the gaming bunker!

I finally finished up those Soviet Corps AT gun assets for the upcoming FIRESTORM: PONYRI campaign.  Now I just need to complete the German guns and Nebelwerfers and we'll be all set!
I really like how these guys turned out - and all with leftover figures for crew.  They don't look too bad!

 I had been wanting / needing more Anti Tank firepower for my Soviet infantry to hold out against the Panzers and these guns will be just what Dr. Stalin ordered!  The models are resin casts from "Game Models" (link on the right hand side) and the price is definitely right for these bad boys.  Crew are mostly Plastic Soldier Company from the Soviet infantry and heavy weapons boxes, and some command decision figs in there for good measure.

Next up - Shipping an Army - or rather several Armies!  As I put my Napoleonic 15mm all up for trade with "Just Jack."  Turns out Jack was looking for a "Ready to Fight" Army right out of the box and I was looking to unload my 15mm Naps for quite some time now.  It's interesting to note that the French and British here I've owned since 2004 and were my first-ever Napoleonic minis!  I'm happy that they're going into good hands and am hoping Jack gets some good use out of them.  Split into 4 "march serials" or "march columns" will be my 15mm French Army, 15mm Anglo-Allied Army (Peninsula/Hundred Days), 15mm Bavarian Army based for 1809, and a small Spanish contingent.

Look at all those figures!  L to R - Bavarians & Spaniards, Anglo Allied, French, and individually based skirmishers and officers

Also hundreds of loose painted and unpainted figs are headed down to Texas.  Jack will have everything he needs to fight right out of the box, he'll just need to add some heavy cavalry for both sides if he wants.  He'll also need to provide some Austrians to fight the Bavarians, unless he wants to do 1813 campaign, in which case the Bavarians can fight the French as-is!

French marching to....Texas?

Brunswick officer on the march!

Also - you will notice my lights/skirmishers are individually based for ....well...skirmish fights!  I've always loved the idea of some Sharpe-esque action fighting for a bridge or a farm or some other small unit action.  Jack will be able to have a great skirmish action set in the Napoleonic era with these guys.

Now here's hoping they all get there in one piece!  The units have all been glued to a massive sabot to go into the box.  Next step will be gluing the sabot to the box and putting bracing materials in the box.

So that's all for now.  I still need to play a Firestorm: Ponyri campaign game and see how it turns out.  I plan on posting that next.  I also finished another batch of US WWII infantry, and Team Yankee microarmor!  


  1. I thought those Soviet guns were Game Models, great prices and a really nice guy to work with!

    1. Don - yep I've bought a ton of stuff from him already especially rare things like Sturmtigers and things like that. Stuff I dont want to pay 18 bucks a model for!

  2. Steve,

    Those Soviet guns look great, and pretty cool how you were able to marry up Gaming Models guns with various crew you already had, I love it when stuff works out like that.

    Regarding the shipping, don't think of it as losing a daughter, think of it as gaining a son, you're stuff should be there tomorrow ;) I do appreciate the deal, and rest assured, they'll be getting some work. My first order of business will be getting everything cleaned up (i.e., flock the unflocked stuff, touch up anything that got roughed up in shipping, see if anything needs to be re-based) and plussing up the 16-man battalions to 24 men, then I'm looking to (as you suggested) add some cavalry, but even so, it would appear I'll have plenty of troops to jump straight into some gaming. Sorry, I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on'em.

    Having said, that, no rush brother, I've got plenty of other stuff to occupy my time. I was supposed to play my third 6mm BKC game this weekend, but ended up having no time on Saturday and painting all day Sunday.


    1. Jack,
      I laughed at that one. Pretty good - I tried to not make that post too sappy :)
      So all of the troops are now seated in their boxes and the loose stuff is bagged. I glued them to carpet tiles i bought for fields that coincidentally fit perfectly into a large priority mail box. So if you can salvage the carpet tiles, you get some "terrain" thrown in, too!

      The French have a bit more Cavalry than I originally thought - so you might only need a unit or 2 of Lancers or Cuirassiers.

      The Brits definitely need some help as there are only 2 units of light cavalry on the British side and no allied cavalry at all. It's funny with the basing - I originally intended to make the British 20 man battalions of 5 bases to represent the longer lines - I think that was why i based them the way i did. THey'll look way better densely packed I think.

      Can't wait to see what you do with these guys! I have been scheming up a plan to basically paint nothing but Napoleonics next year!

      Going to finish the boxes off tomorrow and will likely post by Wednesday.

  3. You are jettisoning a fine looking collection. Massive too!

    1. Jonathan,
      They served me well over the years but it was time to say goodbye. I have way too much invested in 10mm Napoleonics to continue to collect and paint 15mm.

  4. Fantastic collection sir. Jack will be very happy.

    'Ahhh, new acquisitions!'
    (I'm sure that's a line from a geek movie).

    1. Thanks Darren - I certainly hope so - assuming they arrive in 1 piece!