Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February WIP: Fast Movers and Rotary Wing Attack Aviation

February is aircraft month here at SOUND OFFICERS CALL as we make final Pre-Combat Checks and Inspection on our gear for the big Cold War Gone Hot campaign game in the works.  Yes, yes I'm definitely super late getting off the start blocks but that doesn't mean nothing is happening!  Feast your eyes on some of this serious Cold War firepower.  The commanders will be able to allocate these monsters to support their operations.

Oh note, I still have a flight of Tornados, Harriers, SU-17 Fitters, F-4 Phantoms, and more MiGs to do!
Frogfoot Flight!  Screaming at low altitude into West Germany to support a breakthrough attack!  the outstanding SU-25 is a NATO tanker's worst nightmare!

Next up, everyone's favorite - the A-10 Thunderbolt II, or more affectionately known as the "Warthog."  Sorry Mike, I couldn't get the JAWS camo right, so this is bog standard 3 tone.

Soviet Tanker's worst nightmare!  "The Devil's Cross"
 By the way, these aircraft are missing the final glosscote and some minor details, but they're battle worthy now which is why I'm posting them.  Growing up in the 1980s and 90s, no A10 model is complete without the teeth painted in the front!  Coming soon!

Mean and nasty!  Ready to chew on Pact armor!

And speaking of iconic aircraft, how about a fishbed flight?  These guys need some red squadron markings and of course their stars, but otherwise they're battle-worthy now.  I was only able to get 3 x SU25 Frogfoots (ebay) and so I will sub one of the MiG-21s in there for Frogfoots.  On the bright side?  There is a pair of SU-17 waiting for their basecoat!

 I love painting 1/285 aircraft.  These are all from the "Luftwaffe 1946" miniatures range and come in at about 6 dollars for either a single aircraft, or a pair.

From the Air Cavalry Combat Brigade, we have a flight of AH-1 Cobras waiting to unleash a volley of TOW missiles into Ivan's columns!  They're peeking up from behind a treeline, spying on the long line of green tanks!

And last, but certainly not least, this monster of a machine - the MI-24 Hind Gunship!  The classic Cold War icon itself!  I have 4 x of them, mainly for Team Yankee games in 6mm, but you could use them for other games I suppose.  Here they are ready to unload a squad each of troops, then loiter to provide close support.

Blu-Tac.  Unsightly?  Yes.  Effective?  You bet!  and no drilling into the mini!

The whole "squadron" - as mentioned still some minor details but you wouldn't notice them.  These are ready for the fight!


  1. Excellent, looking forward to the scrap


  2. Replies
    1. Thank youJonathan! I feel like i could paint these little guys and never tire of them. Like your 1866 Austrians! :)

  3. Nice additions! Let us know when you're ready for some campaign games to get organized.

  4. Perfect scale for this and the painting brings the models alive - a very good look.

    1. Agree Norm, although if i could do it all over again id go in 10mm for everything!

  5. Impressive and great looking aerial combat!

  6. Just awesome, Steve. I'm speechless. The JAWS paint scheme is fantastic!! Can't wait to send them against Soviet armor

    1. Cheers, Mike. Sorry the campaign has not yet started. Now I'm REALLY lagging with this COVID stuff!!