Sunday, May 3, 2020

"But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here" May WIP

Of course that order by John Parker was somewhat embellished in the 19th Century but the gist was the same.  The confrontation between Massachusetts militia and British "Regulars" put the spark to the powder keg that eventually became the American Revolution. 

The dastardly redcoats, trampling the Widow Madison's cabbage patch.
 Like the 24th and 33rd Regiments of Foot, no British force modeled in the American War for Independence is complete without the Foot Guards, and here they are in glorious 15mm!  Like a dope, I put the 3rd Foot (The Buffs) colors on and realized I did that too late, so I ripped it off and put a more standardized color set on the lads, since I don't have any Foot Guards colors...

The British are coming!

 The figures are Old Glory 15mm and boy were they fun to paint!  All of this 10mm painting of late had me remember just how much fun and easy 15mm is to do, especially with figures who have exaggerated equipment like the OG 15mm figures.  I took some pictures of the expressions on the men, and it highlights what I love about OG figures.  You dont get this kind of personality with block 10mm.  I could probably have done more like highlights and more specific webbing colors, but it's not going to matter at 3 feet and they look good to me.  Progress is progress!

Anyways, I have an encampment, Ox cart train, 2 x batches of AWI British "Regulars" remaining, with 3 x Continentals left and my entire AWI force collection in 15mm will be DONE. 

Getting all of that painted will be a feat, but it will be a major goal completed for the last few years, and what better way to celebrate a completed goal than to use all of them on the table in a MASSIVE Germantown 1777 MEGAGAME.  Readers of my blog know that when I affix the MEGAGAME title to a game, it's something to behold!

Besides Saratoga, Germantown is one of my all time favorite battles from the AWI and I'm anxious to set it up on the table and play.  I've purchased the board game GERMANTOWN: WASHINGTON STRIKES from Decision Games to get a feel for the battle before planning the tabletop scenario.

I'm also looking to my buddy Bryan L's modifications for "Hold the Line!" to see if those rules would be better suited for a massive, multi player game.  more to follow!  Meanwhile feast your eyes on the great detail from these troops - but I implore you gentle reader, overlook the bad paintbjobs!!!!

Captain Richard Fitzpatrick.  Possibly?  

The Drummer.

That's all for now.  I hope everyone is staying healthy!


  1. Very nice Steve and of course you have whet the appetite for good things to come, can’t wait. I don’t know your ‘hold the Line’ mods, but I found with the original game that the time limits meant that you only tended to activate half your army and move forward with that, to get the job done before ‘time up’. I am guessing those scenarios were largely balanced by tightening the window of available time for the aggressor.

    I agree that when you ‘up-scale’ a little, you get both an easier time and more character per figure.

    Looking forward to the Germantown game. Please don’t sleep or work until it is done :-).

    1. Cheers, Norm I would love to devote my time to nothing more than painting toy soldiers and prepping large games! I've only played the mods from my buddy Bryan and his hex based minis game from the Fall In convention and those were great fun. As you stated he modified the aggressor timetable and I felt we had just enough time to get the job done. (We did not succeed and were stopped at the gates of Germantown). It was a blast. I'm hoping to recreate that tension if I can. Rules are still up in the air - watch this space!

  2. The troops look excellent.
    Wow - I had completely forgotten about 'Hold the Line' as a ruleset, and that previous post with the blown up map was quite epic.
    Very much looking forward to the Germantown game.

    1. Thank you, Darren. Your last game really got me back on the AWI footing where I belong! Next stop Germantown!

  3. No one makes a more animated 15m figure than Old Glory (now sold by Old Glory 15s). Your redcoats look great and I await seeing plans for your Germantown Megagame come to fruition.

    Good stuff, Steve!

    1. Agreed and thank you, Jonathan. These figures are splendid and I cant wait to throw a game down on the table!