Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Biazza Ridge Scenario for Battlegroup - Ready for Your Playtesting!

Before I forget or life gets in the way, I wanted to post the final product for the "Biazza Ridge" scenario for Battlegroup.  For those just joining, see the former posts on developing this scenario including the order of battle and scenario considerations.  

Tried to make it look as close to a "Battlegroup" scenario from a rulebook as me and my Powerpoint skills could...

I built the map into the scenario PDF (thank you again to "Jay's Wargaming Madness" for the map template) so be sure to check out the link here or at right!  

BE ADVISED: As of 3/6/22, I have not playtested this scenario but I am looking forward to soon.  If you do play it, be sure to let me know how it went for you?  I plan on playing it next when my gang gets together, and will obviously post!

In the meantime, to get the creativity flowing, be sure to check out some pics of the forces for the game!

US 505th PIR - the vaunted 82nd Airborne - They do not have their flock or foliage added yet.

Hermann Goering Troopers.  I had alot of fun painting the disparate uniform mix of desert/ tropical field gear, and standard field gear.

Other Rules Sets?

This scenario could also be modified to be played with other rules including Rapid Fire, Flames of War, Crossfire, or other popular WWII rules.  I am tempted to play this scenario with the "Flames of War" "Dustup" scenario from the rule book using the US para list from D-Day and the "Iron Cross" books.  And for all of my Brit readers out there, I'm tempted to put a "Primasole Bridge" scenario together next, keeping with the Operation Husky theme of late.

Officer in Luftwaffe uniform with RTO

More US Paras - pay no attention to the screwed up ammo belt behind them....

HG "Forward HQs" 

sneak preview of the 75mm "pack howitzer" from battlefront.

Thanks for looking and if you play, be sure to check in and let us know how it went!  Again, I will playtest as soon as I can get my gang together.



  1. The map looks great and a nice mix of infantry on show too. I'm going to download the scenario and see if I can play it with my existing WWII Germans and US Airborne, using BKCII rules.

    1. thanks, Steve! I played a solo test of the scenario this afternoon. a very fun game, but very, very deadly. I think it should be spread out over a 6 x 4 table. When the US naval gunfire came in, I ended up pinning US troops and German troops! Lots of tense fun, though.

  2. Steve that is a hugely professional document and your bases look excellent.

    1. thank you, Norm. playtesting has already found some "bugs" in the scenario but overall a very fun and satisfying game so far.

  3. Superb Steve - great looking scenario, and the figures look epic.

    1. thanks Darren! I'll try to post on the "bugs" I encountered with it soon.

  4. Awesome Steve, a very cool project! The scenario looks great, I'd like to give it a shot, once I get my Med/North Africa US Airborne done. Your troops look great, and I was looking at the details; we both went for 82nd Airborne Division patches, but yours look so much better. I don't know why I just went with red and blue, whereas you did the red, blue, and white! I don't regret not doing three colors, just looking at your and photos on the 'net, the white is much more prominent than I was thinking and I wish I'd have just done red and white...

    In any case, great stuff, and I look forward to you playing this out and posting the batrep.


    1. thanks Jack! you're too kind! I actually like your figs / 82nd patches better than mine. at 3' mine dont have a consistent red on blue look. the whole reason I added the white dot was because the blue and red washed out.

      i will try to post something soon, hopefully today, on the first battle i played to work the bugs out of the scenario.

  5. I’m having withdrawal symptoms: I haven’t got a single US para in the house now for the first time since 1976.