Tuesday, January 30, 2024

WIP Wednesday: An Epic Comeback?

Another Wednesday, another WIP post.  This week's post is all about redemption from last week's Epic ACW rebels.  I was determined the spruce up the Rebs and so I took to completing the detail on one of the regiments and putting a wash of "nuln oil" on them.  I was equally determined to make my next Pike & Shotte Regiment look the part so I've been slowly (and I mean slowy) applying uniform bits to them.

I think they look much better with the wash and highlighting applied and the detail on the musket "furniture"

The Regiment with flock

One thing I will mention is I tend to use brushes until they completely wear out, then I buy a bunch of cheap replacements because I'm too afraid I'll ruin nicer brushes.  I broke out new detail brushes for the ECW guys and I think the results paid off handsomly.

Here is one regiment with wash, highlights, and muskets detailed, next to what the other regiment looked like from last week. - you can even see the detail on the faces from a distance.

The entire regiment flocked, washed, and highlighted.  The muskets alone made a huge difference.

So what did I do?  The faces of the epic guys have nice detail on them.  With a single coat of paint they don't really come through so I added a heavy wash of nuln oil to the faces, then highlighted with a slightly brighter color.  It was painful but the result paid off.  I also washed the pants and added some highlights to the jackets or hats here and there.  Again I'm much happier with them this week than last week!

Finished Regiment next to unfinished Regiment - the difference is really something

It's funny how once we're determined to do something, we do it without hesitation, without complaint or question.  And as Arnie said in "The Terminator"..."anger is the only useful emotion" 😁
Anyways, here is the latest Pike & Shotte regiment starting to be issued their red coats and...well whatever pants we have laying around the depot.

Block painting these guys and I'm much happier with how they are turning out but it's slow going.

The coats are Vallejo "red" and pants are mostly "Russian Uniform Green" with some Army Painter leather in there for good measure and to mix thigns up.  I will paint the leg accoutrements next then the pikes and muskets.
When you block paint them the detail really stands out more in my opinion

Moving onto the microarmor department, I finally started painting the fleet of tanks, halftracks, and other odds and sods for Kasserine Pass!

Finally getting the attention they deserve!  My fleet of DAK armor was trapped inthe attic for too long!

I basecoated all of the black, then heavily dry-brushed them Tamiya "Dark Yellow" with a finishing light dry-brush of Vallejo "Dark Sand".  I have not yet detailed them but I'll likely paint some stowage and the tracks and then call it a day for these guys.  Also I'll need to start prepping bases again...joy.

The GHQ stuff is so detailed.  I love it.  I wish I had more Panzer IIIs as seen in the upper right of the pic.

The Wespe and the radio van still has only their initial dry brush of "dark yellow" and I'm wondering if I should have just kept that color.  It reminds me of Testor's "Afrika Mustard" which I liked.

Starting on the specialist vehicles - the prime movers and halftracks and kubelwagens.

The whole force, so far!

Almost forgot - the fighting in Tunisia saw more advanced German equipment so I had to throw in some long-barrel Panzer IVs and of course some Tigers!

Awaiting their initial coat!

Finally - another Wednesday, another tranche of 6mm buildings standing by for their paint.

These are black but there was a candle giving off this glow on the buildings.  Weird.

Aspern Church needs some touching up.  Model by Baccus.

Total Battle Minis building from their Big Battalions line.

More Russian village buildings by Baccus.

So there you have it!  Not a ton of progress but the brushes are moving!  

Also there will not be a WIP Wednesday post next week as I will be in a remote, top secret location with no access to my blog (wife wont pay for wi fi...).  Expect posting to resume the following week and Dave will be over trying out one of my 36 Inch Battlefields games with my modifications of Peter's WWII rules.  No Kasserine Pass on the table....yet, but we're getting closer!!  


  1. You have a full workbench, Steve. do you paint your P&S units on sprue before cutting them in half?

    1. Hi Jon! Great to hear from you. Yes I certainly have my work cut out for me so many projects coming up. Yes, I paint my epic minis on the sprue and then I cut them in half, then do touch ups. There's probably a better way to do it, but this works for me.

  2. Steve, for Epic there has to be a trade-off in painting one way or another and yours is more time given over for detail, but nicer results for that extra time. Worth the work as after all, these will be serving their general for many years :-)

    1. Let's hope so, Norm! I can live with 1 unit per week. Or I should say "1 sprue per week" !

  3. Those units have come up a treat and for my 10mm figures, the GW Agrax Earthshade wash adds a nice depth to the figures, with a few highlights afterwards. Once based they more than pass muster as yours have done here. Nice work on the German AFV's too:).

    1. Thanks Steve! It's amazing what a nice wash will do to the troops! Same with a little highlighting of raised features.

      On the German AFVs thank you! I have about 60 x german, 60 America and 60 British stands to do....the project was much bigger than I had anticipated!