Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On The Workbench...Naps, SYW, WWII and WWIII. Something for everyone!

It's been awhile since posting but that doesn't mean nothing is going on!  In spurts of free time, I've been able to get a grip on some long-standing projects that needed completion.  Over the next few week I'll (hopefully) get to finish some of these projects and post them.

Lots of Horse & Musket work going on here as I finish up Austrian IR 33 Nikolaus Esterhazy, and Prussian IR 5 Alt Braunschweig.  Additionally, I'm finishing up a Foreign Regiment for my Napoleonic French Forces, the Italian 2nd or  3rd Infantry Regiment to serve alongside their French cohorts in Spain.  Painting foreign troops in French service is fun as they have a spattering of interesting uniforms.  From what I understand, the colorful uniforms were part of the French recruiting efforts to attract foreigners.

Couldnt get blogger to upload this counterclockwise so you'll have to tilt your head...

2 Seven Years War heavyweights, the Austrians (foreground) and their nemesis, the Prussians (background).  The Armies are growing!
All of my new regiments are sans colors for the time.  Working on that.

Austrian (Hungarian) Infantry Regiment #33 Nikolaus Esterhazy

Prussian Infantry Regiment #5  Alt Braunschweig.  Their Regimental motto?  "Real men wear pink facings!"
 Ideally, I can split these regiments up into either 4 groups of 3 stands for large games, or I can make 3 units of 4 stands, with one of those having mixed ranks.  I can handle that.

Talk to the hand...
On the WW2 and WW3 fronts, a buzz of activity going on as well.  Finally starting my Armor for my Battlegroup Overlord "Bloody Buron" scenario and a test shot of an M10 TD is provided as well.  This is more of a concept for my Canadian Armor as they will be all Shermans and Fireflies.

Battlefront M10 Tank Destroyer.  Base coasted in Krylon light olive then Army Painter dark tone applied.  Dry brushed with buff.  Pretty simple so far.  Needs some kit and it'll be done.

And the best for last!  Taking Paul from Plastic Warrior's example, I'm kit-bashing these Old Glory "Command Decision" 15mm Vietnam range troopers, and turning them into battle-hardened West German "Bundeswehr" troopers.  That has been an exceedingly fun project as I've been swapping WW II heads out with Vietnam "boonie" caps and sawing off M16 carrying handles all morning before making them look like the good old H&K G3 battle rifle!

Note the rifle.  Looks like a G3 doesn't it?  Well maybe not but it will when it's painted!

I like the look of these guys.  They were formerly LRRPs with soft "boonie" caps on.  I had plenty laying around and thought they'd find new purpose as West Germans.

Lots of head swapping.  World War 2 US Paratrooper helmets with the netting make excellent Bundeswehr 1980s helmets!  M16s also make excellent G3s when you shave down the carrying handle.

going to look much better painted.
Currently I have a platoon's worth of West Germans including 3 rifle squads, 2 LMG/MMG sections, and some light anti armor weapons.  No Milans yet.  I'm going to put one together somehow.  Stay tuned.

I'm about to jump back into World War II after taking a break with these Prussians and Austrians.  There's tons of Commonwealth troops that need painted, and I have a large gaggle of Panthers, and Panzer IIIs that won't put themselves together!

That's all for now.  Stay tuned!


  1. Great progress Steven. All subjects looking good. Nice idea about the metals.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I got the idea from your conversion work. Thought I'd try my hand with it. I hope the testor's metal cement holds! I don't want these chaps "losing their heads" in combat!

  2. That is a lot of WIP!
    Love the Bundeswehr conversions - inspired stuff

    1. Paul,
      There's always something going on over here. These guys are for my modern Battlegroup forces and I think they'll look the part!

  3. Plenty of variety to keep things interesting.

    1. Variety is the spice of life, Archduke! I like to keep my projects interesting so I don't get burned out painting just French or Prussians or Bundeswehr troops!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Al. Stay tuned as I've slapped a coat of paint or 2 on those modern Landsers.