Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Progress January: AWI, WW2, Cold War

So far this hasn't been a bad year for progress (21 days into it).  Even though the tempo of the year starting off has been maddening, I've still been finding the time (miraculously) to slap some paint on figures from time to time.

Right now I'm trying to clear off the multitude of leftover projects from last year and progress is being made!

I finally finished the remainder of Light Bobs for my "Hubbardton Project" and this will allow me to field a proper Battalion of AWI Lights for use in a Hubbardton Black Powder game, or just about any other AWI game I want.  Ok ok no flock yet but it's coming!  These figs are 15mm Musket Miniatures (the casualty figures are as well).
Consolidated Light Battalion for Black Powder - the Hubbardton Project

Older Painted

Newly Painted
 I also had some leftovers so I individually based them for some AWI Skirmishing using Iron IVan's "This Very Ground" rules but set in the AWI instead of the FIW.

AWI Casualties

AWI Casualties #2

6 British and 3 Continental/French/Prussian/etc Casualties for Black Powder

Unfinished generic blue coated horse and musket casualty stands.  All will have red facings

 Some World War II Progress although they haven't been finished or flocked yet.  2 Soviet Weapons Stands.  Plastic Soldier Company 15mm

Picture is worth a thousand words.
 And finally my Modern 15mm Cold War stuff.  Here is a US Company Team with all the M113s washed just waiting for their detailing and drybrush and sealant.  2 M1s are nearly done also waiting to be dry brushed.  2 "johnny lightning" M1s need finished.

I also have a huge pile of assorted kit to affix to the models to give them that real "US Forces" look to them.  I never saw a vehicle going into combat that wasn't loaded with gear.  My vehicles should capture that look somewhat I think.  GIs take everything but the kitchen sink with them wherever they go.

I never saw my own soldiers so happy as when our Fire Direction Center (M577/M1068) showed up in Kuwait before we all crossed the berm in 2003.  "are you guys happy that you can train now?" I asked them "Hell no, sir. the microwave and coffee pot are in the track!"

So there you have it.  War is hell...

Note all those spare bits in the lower left.  MERDC Madness this past month. Still have the ITV section showing up next.  Since I am using a slick M113 as the FIST track, I'll probably use both platforms as an ITV.  I wonder if I can "kit bash" a spare Battlefront M113 to use as the Vulcan ADA system???  Hmmmm....


  1. You've done a lot better than me so far! I have 11 lousy orks to my credit on the year. It all looks great, Steve.

    1. Thanks Ski - one of my "new years resolutions" was to try and get more stuff painted. I do think the more stuff I have painted will lead to more games.
      Hey 11 orks are nothing to shake a stick at! Those orks look fantastic, too. Not like these puny light bobs!! :)