Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Multi Cam 15mm Proof of Concept

So 2015 was a good year for figuring out how to make some camouflage patterns.  I got down my M81 woodland camo style in 15mm, which will serve me well for all this Cold War stuff going on at the moment.  I also figured out my SS camouflage finally, so my 12th SS HJ guys going up against David's excellent 15mm Canadians will at least look respectable, even as they go down in flames!

Some of my biggest challenges ahead will be the current day modern stuff - ACU and Multi Cam.  (UCP).  While I've got all the colors for each, coming up with a respectable pattern for Multi Cam on a 15mm trooper is not easy, IMHO.

Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.  Colors you liked best?  What should I try?  Bear in mind, I've seen many of the guides out there on the internet for doing these in 28mm and they're great.  But not sure how well they work for 15mm?

Some basic data:
Base color:  GW Deathworld Forest
Swathes: VJ Earth VJ Germ Camo Dk Green
Blobs: Black
Squiggles: vary.  see below.

Also these guys aren't anywhere near done.  I just painted their pants and the riflestocks.

White dots

khaki dots

very light green dots
So what do you guys think?  How does the pattern look?  I'm not happy entirely with it - I feel it could use more brown, or even a brown base like my M81 woodland.  I may give that a try next.


  1. Replies
    1. I dont know...the pictures aren't very good. I just hope I can get respectable results!

  2. Very nice effect. In 15mm my vote would be white dots, or possibly try ivory.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thank you Andrew. The effect was what I was going for, rather than a totally accurate pattern.

  3. Nice work though I'd make the scheme lighter given that they are 15mm. I fiond stuff that looks fine under the painting lamp gets lost on the games table with normal lighting.



  4. I was going to comment that I thought the white dots were too bright, but having read Pete's comment, I think he's right! I've definitely found the same with smaller figures. They seem too bright when you're looking closely (e.g. as you're painting them) but when they're at arm's length (e.g. on the table in a game) they seem fine - or even not bright enough!

    1. Yes the 3 foot rule holds true here. They'll be on the table so it ought to look acceptable from roughly 3' away.