Monday, April 25, 2016

"Put Up your Sabers, Draw Your Pistols, and Fight Like Gentlemen!"

First off, please let me must apologize for the long period between posts.  I've accepted a new position at work that unfortunately comes with more responsibilities and less free time as it were.  Anyways, that aside, along with April's ACW theme, I present to you my first ACW Confederate Cavalry Squadron.

I think this calls for a special give-away!  Stay tuned gaming fans...

The squadron at the Brandy Station Review!
 I styled these guys more after my own imagination than any actual unit, but I imagine they fight the bill rather nicely.  I love the fact that some are in kepis and some are in "cowboy" hats.
I love the yellow kepis
 The squadron is armed to the teeth with carbines, shotguns, pistols, and of course, cavalry sabers.  I was originally going to base them on larger 1 1/4" bases but decided against it to keep the base size small.  This way I can plop "many" of them on a Volley and Bayonet "sabot" and go from there (or a sabot for "Battle Cry"! Which I am dying to play soon.)
 Anyways, if you had to pin them down, I'd like these guys to be of the famous 7th Virginia Cavalry, but again, they'll fit in wherever they happen to serve - Arizona or Oklahoma, Missouri, or alongside the Confederate Light Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Commander and Colors

 I made them 6 bases, but added another base just in case someone wants to be particular about frontages.  If you divide them up, there is enough for 2 Volley & Bayonet sized Brigades in addition to 1 Cavalry Skirmisher, or "Battle Cry" Cavalry units,

The squadron in column next to a Corp Commander


 And the same Union stand as well.  Although these fellows don't exactly look like they know where they're going.  The sand on the base will be painted and dry-brushed soon.

 Last but not least, a Confederate Regiment.  These are Musket Miniatures "confederate soldiers firing".

And now for a few surprises....
Brutish Orcs!  Kallistra 10mm Orcs based for Mark Sims "Legions of Battle" fantasy rules

GW Warmaster Orc "Boar Riders" for the same game.
 And finally, an experiment.  6 stands of Confederates plopped on a base testing out for "Battle Cry." Since these are my standard sized bases, they'll work equally well for Command Colors Napoleonics and I already have the sabots to use.  Just need a hex mat and I'll be good to go!  So next up?  One more Union Regiment, Battery, and a Union Cavalry Squadron and that will bring the ACW project to a close for this year.

Also, congrats and welcome to Charlie from "Nut Case in the Dark" - my 200th Follower!  That's right, we've hit the big time here at SOUND OFFICERS CALL!


  1. Very nice. Love the two reading the map. What figures are they?

    1. Thank you David. They are all Musket Miniatures 15mm. (some of my other Regiments are Old Glory 15mm and you'll find OG guys sprinkled into many of my units) Musket are my absolute favorite and probably the best value out there (well they used to be. No longer in production for the time being).

    2. Ha ha I was just selecting "Musket Miniatures" in your post to do a search when I read the "no longer in production" part. :)

    3. Alas, David - Musket Minis are no more. However the son of the former Musket Minis owner now operates "Mark IV Miniatures" (linked on the right side of this blog). He makes really beautiful resin buildings. I've bought a few of them and like them very much.

      If we're lucky, maybe he'll start up the minis again?

  2. Excellent painted cavalry and infantry!
    Lovely Orcs! :-D


    1. Thank you Peter! The Orcs are a lot of fun to paint :)

  3. They look great, love the cavalry!

    1. Thanks Phil! This is the first Cavalry unit I've ever painted. I have the Union guys next.

  4. Some great painting mate. Love the orcs too!

    I've been digging out some old plastic Mecha for 'Horizon Wars'. Yep - I discovered minis I'd forgotten about too.

    I see an epic cavalry battle soon on your table :)

    1. Cheers Darren,
      It seems we all have those old minis just waiting to be re-discovered! I hope to get a few legions of orcs painted up for an epic base sometime this fall.

      Yes hopefully these cavalry troopers will get their crack at the enemy! :)

  5. And of course - congrats on your 200th follower. That's epic. I have a long way to go :)