Monday, October 31, 2016

Soviet 1019th Rifle Regiment & Battalion HQs/HQs Company: RAPID FIRE

Not much progress this weekend on the modeling/gaming front but I was able to crank out the 9 figures that will encompass the Headquarters of the 1019th Rifle Regiment as well as the 2 HQs of its subordinate Battalions.  In RAPID FIRE speak these are small, 3 figure HQs but in the advanced rules of RAPID FIRE, they become important in both rallying and the issuance of orders.  Plus I love modeling the numerous "ash & trash" units on the "periphery."

Regimental HQs, 1019th Rifle Regiment  The 127th Guards (unfinished)  Heavy Tank Regiment is behind them advancing to victory!
 I've decided to knock out the 1019th first, then do the 1023rd Rifle Regiment next.  At least the HQs units are done!  Each battalion will be 41 figures.  I will utilize the existing painted figures I already have for the 1023rd.  The 1019th will be completed from scratch.

The plan is to base the first battalion individually on pennies so I can use them for other rules and games, and base the third battalion on stands of 4 troops each so I can use them for team or squad sized bases/rules.  This is how my Soviets already are based, with about 60 on pennies and about 15 stands in groups of 4s.

Battalion HQs, 1st Battalion, 1019th Rifle Regiment, 307th Rifle Division

Battalion HQs, 3rd Battalion, 1019th Rifle Regiment, 307th Rifle Division

And just to satisfy the modern masses, I was also able to work more on my VDV air landing company.  Now they at least all have their uniforms.

The last batch of VDV.  I'll get 8 total stands out of these guys but I need heavy weapons...and maybe 15mm BMDs! 

Soviet VDV!


  1. Have fun with this one! For you VDV guys... some Russian rap!

    1. John,
      "A soaring dome of rainbow peace!"
      Love it and thats some fancy footwork on those Ivan paras :)

  2. Nice work on these, Steve. Good to see that your newborn still leaves you some time to paint. I like the PSC figures, and they look great painted as well you have done yours.
    Any chance I can my blog squeezed into your blogroll on the right?

    1. Thanks Michael. For some reason i thought your blog already was on my honor roll. I will have it up soon, sir!

      Yes its amazing im finding any time to paint at all...

  3. Great to see more progress. Real life tends to get in the way of progress and end strength management far too often! lol

    While I usually loathe command radii in games as they are written, I do like how command stands can chip away at some of the God view that wargamers are privy to.

    1. Progress whenever i can. A si gle Rifle company and attached heavy weapons are up next.