Saturday, March 4, 2017

Friday Night Naps!

After another exhausting week, Dave came over and we played almost a full turn or 2 of Black Powder!

There was much to catch up on, and we ended up chewing the fat and BS'ing for a couple hours, with the miniatures taking a secondary role to conversation.  I did want everyone out there though to know that "rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated" and that I'm still around.  Just not blogging as much the last 2 weeks...

Our scenario was a French attack set in the Peninsula.  The units consisted of an Anglo Portuguese division fighting against a big French Division.  We also had a small Cavalry Division on each side which definitely added to the excitement, for the turns we were able to play!

Rules were Black Powder (my favorite H&M rules set).

The British defense line.  Picton's Division 

The French, coming on in "the same old way"

British Dragoons leading off, followed by Brunswickers, then KGL Cavalry.  A force to be reckoned with! 
French Cavalry Division.  Hussars, Dragoons, and Lancers

French Right Brigade - slow to get started (They failed their first movement)

 The French advance the line forward, with the Cavalry moving up (uncharacteristic for me) to threaten Dave's center.  He's not worried, though - he set up second :)  Dave has his Cavalry directly in front of mine and the stage is set for a swirling Cavalry engagement.

Dave forms his infantry into squares on his left.

Small Portuguese brigade.

Brigade Squares! 

"I'm going to vaporize your Cavalry"
 Dave launches a dastardly spoiling attack at my Cavalry and, true to his word, vaporizes a unit of Hussars attacking it with 3 Cavalry Regiments, simultaneously.

My Hussars don't evade..
 Dave wins the melee hands down (18 attack dice to 6 you do the math).  He scores a breakthrough Charge and my Dragoons evade!  They're too powerful not to.

Kellermann wonders where his Hussars went.

Gaping hole in the French center
 The action kind of stopped at that point and we ended up spending the rest of the evening discussing rules and gaming.

French Battalion gets a hit on it from Artillery fire

French elite Grenadier Battalion in square in response to Dave's Cavalry charge!
 The action kind of ended there but I left the game up so we could continue.  You have to love Black Powder, perfect for a Friday night's game - even if it was only 3 turns!


  1. Your 10mm Napoleonics and game layout both are terrific!

    1. Thank you Jonathan! I want to give more time and attention to them as well as my terrain. Unfortunately not much time lately!

  2. Great battle! I like this scale of miniatures.

    1. Thank you Sergiuss - 10mm are really my favorite scale for Napoleonic battles! They have that great massed look!

  3. Great post. You're making me want to try BP again...

    Those figures look fantastic - great scale.

    1. Thank you Darren. You know my thoughts on BP. It's not a perfect set of rules, but it's the best compromise for me out there. They give a nice simple game after a long, tiring week!

      I'm glad I kept my 10mm Naps. I'm working on the Austrians now for more battle options other than simply Peninsula actions.

  4. sounds like the emphasis was on "nap" rather than "napoleonics"

  5. Steve,

    Absolutely fantastic!!! I think Black Powder is the the set I need to stick with, and I just need to get my 10mm Naps painted. This is very inspirational, let's see how far it carries me ;)


    1. Thanks Jack. You've seen my ruminations on Black Powder and how I feel it's an excellent compromise set of rules that delivers on its promises. Probably not "the best" rules out there, but the best for my situation and what I want out of my games.

      I'm working on more and more 10mm Naps and starting on my Austrian project as well! Stay tuned!

  6. Looks great! I am intrigued by the 10mm scale actually, having not used it before.

    1. The Old Glory 10mm troops have a generic look to them by themselves, but really give a beautiful look when amassed on the table. I have both 10 and 15mm Naps and I am not going to give either up! :)