Friday, April 21, 2017

It's Started...

The latest "hobby project" AKA basement waterproofing.  We are upgrading our existing system to move water out of our leaky basement.  This involves jackhammering up parts of the existing floor and sump and installing a new drain system, sump pit, and sump pump.  They'll top it off with a nice looking half-wall and we're going to have a tile floor installed.  Not cheap.
Old sitting area compressed into the middle of the floor
I get improved lighting for the gaming area out of the deal.  Which is sweet.

view from the fireplace.  All of my shelves were dismantled with stuff taken down.  All of my hiking and camping gear moved to the garage...

The far wall used to house my painting desk!
Anyways, I spent my nights this week dismantling the gaming empire and now our basement has been "invaded" by a waterproofing crew.  More to follow but on the bright side, this will result in a new & improved gaming area.

Glue lines from where the original owner of the house simply glued paneling to the block wall.... Did he realize he lived in Pennsylvania????

Sump pit excavation

Needless to say painting and gaming are on hold until the basement is put back together but that doesn't mean you wont be hearing from me!  With my recent sell-off of my WH40K stuff, I was flush with cash and immediately put that back into the hobby with a HUGE moderns order.  Some TY infantry (West German), and 3D printed models from "Butlers in the UK" (sounds so formal!) and "bashytubits" here in the states.  I rounded out some TY companies from Butler's to match an earlier purchase (T-64s, BMP2s) and from Bashytubits I ordered a full company of BTR60s, T55AM2s (5 bucks per model) and BRDM AA, ATGM, and Recce.  With all of the Roskopf T-55s I have, we're talking a full BATTALION of T-55s to face off against NATO!  Whatever the rules turn out to be.

Now if only I could sell off ALL this World War II 20mm boxed stuff and get even more cash.  That might have to be at a convention.

Before I forget, there will also be some 1/100 surprises in that batch from printed order bashytubits that I can't talk about now but would much rather leave you all in suspense!  I will give you one hint, though:

Something is definitely afoot in the basement, brothers.  Tighten up.  Assume formation gamma and follow my move.

Say your prayers, keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, whatever your belief or custom is, that our basement problems are solved!  I want to get back to gaming and painting!


  1. Wow - a major project indeed, and contractors are always (scratch that...I mean sometimes) difficult to work with.

    At least some good came from those GW figures after all ;) (...can't help it, not a GW fan )

    1. Good to hear from you, Darren. Yes I hate going with contractors but I'm afraid there are just some jobs (many jobs actually) that I can't do on my own. Installing a "French Drain" (whatever that is) is one of them.

      These guys have been very efficient and very clean. Unfortunately our basement continues to deliver surprise after surprise but we're finally getting it resolved (I hope!). They're coming back this coming week to finish the job.

      You can thank Dan Abnett novels for all of my 40k stuff. That guy creates a battlefield better than any other author I've yet read. I'm going in 1/100 or 15mm for all of my 40k-ish battles now.

      Yes all those GW figures are gone and the money I received for them was guiltlessly re-purposed into the hobby to round out my modern vehicle collection in 1/100.

    2. Modern period always a cause worth selling other figures for :)

      Look forward to seeing the stuff in action. Will you stick with TY for rules do you think?

    3. Agreed, Darren. Not sure TY is my "go to" rules although the games are ridiculously entertaining.
      At the beginning, I'm always thinking "yeah, NATO really doesn't have a hope or prayer for winning" but usually they pull off a "1 tank remaining, you REALLY need to pass this roll" kind of game.

      Honestly, I have enjoyed SabreSquadron the most so far, and I think of all Battlegroup holds the most promise for me. I have my own variant. "Third Generation Warfare" comes close but there are way too many holes in them. So honestly I prefer my own "home brewed" Battlegroup modern variant.

  2. Looks like a major and much needed upgrade to the Man Cave to ensure its longevity and protect its valuable contents. Particularly as you are reinvesting into new goodies :-)

    My preorder copy of Battlegroup Tobruk arrived last night :-)

    1. Cant wait to see it, Paul. The Battlegroup group on facebook has been promoting it alot and there have been a bunch of really good looking games lately. I may just cave in and get them.

      Any word on BG: NORTHAG? Just an extended hiatus?

  3. Steve, is there a bashytubits site?

    1. No, Brandon not yet. I emailed him directly and got his email address from "Just Jack."

      I'll shoot you an email with his addy.