Sunday, April 23, 2017

SAPPERS FORWARD! Ongoing Engineering Projects...

Did the headline get you?  Sorry, no cool sapper miniatures or games with engineer squads.  The only engineering going on here is concrete.  In my basement.  and lots of it.

Track system being installed
 After they cut into the flooring of the basement and tore off up to 36" of wall, more horrors were revealed.  The corners and the NW wall leaked so badly that the studs were rotted completely through. So naturally the project scope has changed again.  All of the wall coveringsare being replaced now.  Which is good and bad.  Good because the new walls are completely inorganic panels that will bolt onto steel studs.  Bad because they're HELLA CRAZY EXPENSIVE!

Track and stones before the concrete is poured.  Say goodbye to that wood paneling in a few weeks.
 I'm keeping my chin up.  It's going to be a hell of a room to game in when all said and done.

Without Conrete

With Concrete!

The system.  The battery has since been elevated.


and more concrete!
I do have a surprise up my sleeve, however.  I smuggled 4 painting sticks worth of 15mm troops upstairs along with a case of paint that I hid under the desk.  In my spare time I will be able to get some painting done up to and including:

A 15mm AWI Pennsylvania Regiment
A 15mm ACW Union Regiment
A 15mm Bundeswehr kit-based platoon (different makes)
A 15mm US Late 70's early 80's Infantry platoon (Mid 80s USNG?) with pickle suits and steel pot helmets.

The basement probably won't be done until late May early June so looks like all gaming here is off for the time being.


  1. It looks like a significant project and, as you say, a costlier one than first predicted, as is the case with most renos. Worth it, though. When I was first married, we were so poor that every night in the spring and fall I dreaded the sound of rain on the roof, because I knew I would have a river running through my basement. I don't have that fear for your project. Keep painting!

    1. THank you for commenting, Michael. We've been putting it off for quite awhile and it had gotten to the point where we could put it off no longer.

      I'm hoping and praying it all works out. One more "large" project hopefully will set everything right as far as the movement of water is concerned around our foundation.

  2. Yes, for some reason I was expecting 'VC in the wire' going by that post title.

    Turning into a major civil engineering project by the looks of things. At least, when the work is done, it will be fully waterproofed and no chance of repeat damage. Looks like the contractors know what they're doing too...nice, neat job so far.

    1. I trust you're knocking on wood as you typed this, Darren. ;)

      Yes a massive undertaking. Next will be the floor, walls, and ceiling. (my wife and I may end up doing the ceiling ourselves to save $).

      The contractors we eventually hired have so far done a commendable job.

      I knew that heading would grab people's attention! :)