Friday, August 11, 2017


No gaming tonight so instead I set up for Sunday's Command & Colors Napoleonics Wagram game!  I thought I would give everyone a teaser (trailer?) for what to expect from this Sunday's big infantry fight.

Historical Background
Napoleon’s second crossing of the Danube was meticulously planned. He sent Legrand’s division to decoy Charles into thinking that the French intended to cross in the same area as before from the north end of Lobau Island. Charles took the bait and massed his army close to the Danube around Aspern and Essling.

Napoleon then bridged from the south end of Lobau Island and started crossing at 2A.M. under cover of a massive bombardment that inflicted significant casualties on the massed Austrians. When Charles realized he had been outflanked, he rapidly retreated to the Wagram position, leaving the VI Corps and Advance Guard to fight a delaying action. Taking up a defensive position around Gross-Enzersdorf, Nordmann’s Advance Guard began fortifying the village.

As Napoleon’s army deployed on the Marchfeld, Massena’s IV Corps was ordered to push forward and capture Gross-Enzersdorf to allow the advance to continue. Spearheaded by the French light infantry, the French entered the village, where fierce hand-to-hand fighting finally drove out the Austrians.

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

This battle will refight the French IV Corps' punch through the Austrian Advanced Guard under Nordmann at Wagram on 5 July.
The Austrians get 4 command cards, the French get 5.  Additionally, the victory is 6 x banners and the French, with the burden of attack, move first.

Gross Enzersdorf in the center hexes.  French starting positions are on the right and the Austrian starting positions are on the left.  The white beads mark the sections of the battlefield.

From the Austrian side.  The French have a slight advantage in cavalry and in light infantry.  The Austrians are 5 block large units.
Hungarian Line units (flocking them tomorrow)

A dug-in Artillery battery

A view from behind Gross Enzersdorf where a light cavalry brigade awaits the French advance.
St Cyr leading the infantry!  My answer for French Light Battalions was to use less infantry block stands and use skirmisher markers as light detachments "kicked out" in front of the formation.  This way everyone knows it's a light unit.

LaSalle attached to this Hussar unit.  Is Wagram the battle he died at?
French Infantry marching along the Danube
Really looking forward to this fight!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Tune in Sunday for some 10mm Napoleonic Wargaming goodness!


  1. Fantastic setup mate. Looking forward to seeing this. C&C is a deceptive set. It seems simple, but calls for real command decisions I think.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Darren. When looking at the maps of the scenarios and planning your battle, you have to think like a general. I love that this game makes you think that way. The fog of war mechanism is elegantly enforced and the cards really make you strive to capitalize on battlefield opportunities.

      Plus it's nice to have an entire Corps battle on my modest 6 x 4 table!

  2. Lannes died at Wagram. Or was it Aspern-Essling?

  3. I continually hear good things about this game, but still not bought it or tried it. Seeing this fantastic set-up makes me think maybe I should take the plunge. Looks excellent with the figures.